Institute objectives

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Established in 1996, the Institute is a commercially oriented research unit, formed as a partnership between the University of Strathclyde, industry and government.

Our objective is to bridge the gap between university research and industry in the area of photonics research and development. This is achieved through a portfolio of collaborative research and development projects which includes strategic long-term research, industrial contracts, academic:industrial collaborative research programmes, and consultancy. Industry requirements significantly influence our research agenda and we are equally at home working with industrial or academic partners.

Underpinning the Institute's mission

"To form a bridge between academia and industry in the area of photonics research and development, by undertaking industrially relevant research and by developing and managing intellectual property, in an environment which encourages the exploitation of academic research to generate economic benefit",

the Institute's activities are built around four key priorities:

  • Research excellence
  • Research leadership
  • International collaborations
  • Knowledge Transfer

We work across a broad range of photonic source development - all solid-state lasers, semiconductor materials and devices - and applications -specialising in biophotonics, in the latest developments in optical communications, in semiconductor lithography and a host of other areas.

Underpinning our approach is the belief that successful and effective knowledge transfer, in its broadest sense, is best supported by providing an environment, facilities and expertise where a broad range of activity, from strategic research to supporting spin-out companies, can flourish.

Success for us can mean meeting new research and technical challenges, and building intellectual capital in the process, delivering projects to specific deadlines for individual industry partners, or enabling the commercialisation of technology developed in the Institute though spin-out, licencing or other knowledge transfer route.