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  Aculight Solid state laser technology, main product OPO's
  ASM Lithography Development and manufacturing of wafer stepper equipment
  Avantes Manufacture and sell spectrometer and accessories
  Big Sky Laser Technologies Inc. Manufacturer of compact, rugged Nd:YAG laser systems
  Casix Manufacturer and inventor in the Telecom and Opto-Electronics field, providing lasers and fiber optics components
  Cilas Laser rangefinders, specific lasers for industry, scientific applications, specialized optical systems and optics
  Cleveland Crystals Inc.

Manufacturer of nonlinear and electro-optic crystals and devices

  Coherent Laser Group Manufacturer of lasers for science, industry and telecom applications
  Coherent Scotland Manufacture of technically advanced solid-state laser systems, which are used world-wide for a range of industrial and scientific applications. Coherent Scotland are specialists in the development and production of diode-pumped solid state lasers. They also specialise in custom solid-state laser systems.
  Corning Optical Fiber Corning offers a range of optical fiber products designed to perform in a variety of applications, including long-haul, submarine, metro, access and premises, and leads the telecommunications industry in the development of new fiber designs.
  Crismatec Together with Bicron (USA) and NE Technology (UK), we form the Scintillation Crystals and Detectors Sector of the Saint-Gobain Industrial Ceramics Branch.
  Cutting Edge Optronics Diode-Pumped Lasers
  De Beers Industrial Diamonds Debid was established to concentrate on the production, processing and marketing of natural diamond and subsequently synthetic diamond for industrial purposes.
  DigiLens Electrically Switchable Optical Technology
  DLP Products
Texas Instruments

DLP™ technology is a revolutionary display solution that uses an optical semiconductor to manipulate light digitally

  EOT Optical isolators, rotators for high power, photodiodes
  Epichem Ltd. Global leader in select specialist chemicals
  FEE Laser crystal growers, can supply Nd:YALO (or YAP)
  Fibrecore Advanced Singlemode Fibres, fibre lasers Nd and Yb doped, cladding pumped.
  GEMFIRE-PPLN Gemfire Corporation specializes in applying planar semiconductor-type processing technology to optical platforms
  Gigahertz-Optik Inc Manufacture light measurement instrumentation including UV-Vis-NIR radiometers, photometers, color meters, laser / optical power meters, integrating spheres, R/T instruments & optically diffuse materials.
  Goodfellows Supplier of materials
  InnovaQuartz, Inc. Manufacture precision fused silica components, subassemblies and complete products for applications in analytical chemistry (chiefly capillary gas chromatography, capillary electrophoresis and spectroscopy), industrial and military photonics, sensory devices, telecommunications as well as medical surgery and diagnostics.
  Ionwerks Time of Flight Instrumentation and Electronics (mass spectrometry)
  JDS Uniphase Solid state laser products


JENOPTIK AG is a technology group based in Jena, Germany, with concentrations in three high-growth company divisions, Clean Systems Technologies, Photonics Technologies and Asset Management.
  Kigre Inc. Solid State Laser Glass, Laser Components and Laser OEM's
  Labsphere Offering integrating sphere systems and instruments for optical radiation measurements; diffuse reflectance coatings and materials and Spectralon reflectance standards
  Lambda Physik Excimer and diode pumped solid state
  Laser 2000 Research and Industrial Lasers
  Laser Components Specializes in distribution and production of high-tech COMPONENTS for the optoelectronic and laser industries
  Laserlines Distributor for overseas companies who manufactured lasers and related components. Supplier of an extensive range of advanced technology products and systems for the industrial, scientific, military, medical and communications markets.
  Laseroptik Supplier of high power optics and coatings
  Lee Laser Inc. Original Equipment Manufacturer for Nd:YAG lasers
  Lein Applied Diagnostics Lein Applied Diagnostics, a company developing non-invasive glucose technology for people with diabetes
  Leybold Vacuum equipment
  Light Solutions Specializes in developing and selling solid-state lasers and delivery devices. The company manufactures lasers for the ophthalmic and aesthetic markets.
  Livingston Provider of rental and leasing solutions for electronics equipment.
  Lucent Technologies Supplies products targeted at communications service providers.
  M Squared Lasers 'Dependable Innovation' in a wide range of laser sources.
  Macman Photometrics a.o integrating spheres.
  MEMS Optical, LLC Ssupplier and manufacturer of both refractive (microlens arrays) and diffractive (beam shapers, beam splitters, etc.) micro optics and of MEMS devices such as scanning tilt micro mirrors and deformable mirrors.

Provider of Innovative solutions based on micr-electromechanical systems, or MEMS

  Metrolux Supplier for optical measurement instruments


Spun-out from the Institute of Photonics, commercialising huge arrays of tiny LEDs for a wide range of applications.  Demo kits on sale now.

Micronic Laser Systems

Display photomasks and now offers semiconductor pattern generators for 0.18 µm.
  MMR Technologies MMR manufactures and markets MicroMiniature Refrigerators and Instrumentation for characterizing materials over a wide range of temperatures
  Molectron Europe Ltd Laser measurement, calibration, and control
  Molecular Technology Single Crystals and Laser Components
  Myachi Unitek Yag laser welding, laser systems, & hermetic sealing
Description: Unitek Miyachi Lasers manufactures a range of industrial laser welding and marking systems for laser beam welding, hermetic sealing, and laser welder applications.
  Nichia America Corporation Manufactures and sells fine chemicals, particularly inorganic luminescent materials (phosphors).
  NPL The UK's national standards laboratory
  Nuvonyx Advanced Semi-Conductor laser Technology Manufacture High Power Direct Diode Laser [HPDDL] systems with output powers greater than 4.0kW in a compact robust package
  Ocean Optics Inc Optical sensing, optical networking, display optics and biophotonics
  OKO Technologies Flexible Optical B.V.manufactures wavefront sensors, micromachined membrane deformable mirrors and electronic drivers for adaptive optics
  Omega Optical Inc. Optical Interference Filters For Color Discrimination in Optical and Electro-Optical Systems, From the Deep UV to the Mid IR
  Ontar Corporation Provide service contracts for government, university and industrial facilities. Specializes in image processing, atmospheric science, technical software development, electronic publishing, custom workshops and sales.
  Optronic Laboratories, Inc. Design and manufacture of light measurement systems providing accurate, repeatable research-grade measurements in the UV-VIS-NIR-IR wavelength ranges for research, academia, industry and the military.
  Phillips Research Laboratories Global leader in color television sets, lighting, electric shavers, medical diagnostic imaging and patient monitoring, and one-chip TV products The Internet's Most Comprehensive Source of Photonics Information.
  Photonic Solutions Plc Lasers and laser accessories
  Photonics Industries Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers
  Photonix Open access, semi-conductor growth and processing facility
  Point-Source Supplies critical fiber-optic technology to world-class laser-based instrument manufacturers.
  Polymicro Technologies LLC Manufacturer and developer of micro-tubing, optical fibers, and related products for niche applications throughout the world
  Positive Light Advanced laser systems for science and industry.
  Pro-Lite Technology Pro-Lite Technology was founded in 2002 as a distributor of lasers, photonic products and light measuring equipment.

They represent several leading manufacturers of laser diodes, solid-state lasers, excimer and ultra-fast lasers.

They supply a wide selection of test and diagnostic equipment including power/energy monitors, integrating spheres, safety eyewear, electro-optics, detectors and optical products.

  Q-Peak Specialise in the development and production of high-power, diode-pumped, solid state laser systems.
  Quantronix Advanced Laser Solutions
  Quantum Technology Inc Non linear crystals, electro-optics (modulators)
  Research Elctro-Optics Inc (REO) Leading supplier of optical components, laser optics, and lasers to industry and the scientific community.
  Richardson Grating Laboratory Design and manufacture of diffraction gratings for telecommunications, photolithography, spectroscopy, astronomy, and research & development
  Rofin-Sinar Technologies Manufacturers of lasers and laser-based solutions for industrial material processing
S  Science Savvy  A favourite, the best website for science supply discounts and offers. Much favoured by our bio colleagues.  Founded by a Strathclyder.
  SCD - Semi Conductor Devices Advanced infrared detectors and laser diodes
  Scientific Computing World. Scientific Computing World is a leading resource for scientists, researchers and technicians all over the globe who rely upon computing to help them with their work.
  Sharp Laboratories Europe Ltd. European research centre of the major consumer electronics group. SLE's gallium nitride device team has achieved recent breakthroughs in laser diodes grown by molecular beam epitaxy.
  Spectra Physics The Solid State Laser Company. Manufacturer of diode pumped, ultrafast, Nd:YAG, ion, entertainment and CW tunable lasers
  OFS Specialty Photonics Specialty optical fiber
  Spectronic Devices Ltd Spectronic Devices offers a wide range of products for use in the field of spectroscopy. From simple low cost line cameras to cooled NIR and back thinned CCD cameras
  Spectronic Instruments Manufacturer of UV-Visible spectrophotometers
  Sphere Optics

Located in central New Hampshire, SphereOptics designs, produces and sells precision standard and custom radiometric and photometric products addressing the specific needs of the aerospace, automotive, electronic imaging, laser diode, LED, lighting, medical imaging and optics industries. We offer a broad line of integrating spheres, light measurement systems and instruments, diffuse reflectance materials and standards and superior optical calibration services. We specialize in custom design and production services to provide integrated solutions for our customers' specific light measurement requirements.


Springer science online

  Standards MEMS Inc. Independent, volume manufacturer of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) for high technology markets.
  Strategies Unlimited

Provides market research reports, analysis, custom studies, and newsletters to world leaders in: Optoelectronic components, optical networks, photovoltaic modules and systems, RF/wireless communications and compound semiconductor materials.

  Synoptics Manufacture of synthetic crystals and optical products
  Thales Thales is a global electronics company serving Aerospace, Defence,
and Security & Services markets worldwide.
  Thomson-CSF Laser Now Thales Components Corporation
  TI DLP Digital Light Processing™ - part of Texas Instruments
  Trumpf Solid-state lasers for material processing
  TRW Inc Builds space stations, rockets, 1MW CW lasers that fly, and many other toys > 100M$
  UNIBLITZ Shutters UNIBLITZ® shutters are used for a wide variety of applications, including medical imaging, CCD and video camera, and low-level laser switching
  VLOC laser crystals Manufactures precision optics and crystal components for visible and near infrared lasers.
Supplier of optical components for the industrial, medical, scientific, instrumentation, military, and telecommunication markets