Charles S. Whyte

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Charles S. Whyte graduated in 1974 in Physics at Strathclyde and is currently Senior Director at SanDisk Corporation in California

After graduating from Strathclyde in 1974, I taught Physics at a high school in Edinburgh for two years, worked in the X-Ray equipment industry for two years, obtained a Masters Degree in Microelectronic design in 1980 and emigrated to California to work in the semiconductor device manufacturing industry where I remain to this day. I am currently responsible for process control in all SanDisk manufacturing sites in Asia and have responsibilities for compliance to industry standards.

I chose physics for two reasons: It appeared to be the most difficult degree to obtain; and I was rather good at physics at school. I had no idea what I was going to do with my life but I believe that having a degree in physics would prepare me for almost anything. Physics trains your mind to be analytical and creative in solving problems, which has been invaluable in the work that I have done for the last 26 years in Silicon Valley. I enjoyed almost everything about my time at Strathclyde. (Except the Glasgow weather!)

I have many interests away from work. I have played soccer, rugby, and squash at competitive levels and I still keep active through endurance cycling. I also still perform occasionally as a singer/guitarist at wineries in California.