Colin McLachlan

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Colin McLachlan graduated in 1983 in Applied Physics at Strathclyde. He is Procurement Manager with Selex Sensors and Airborne Systems, Edinburgh

Physics was what I was most interested in when I left school and always enjoyed the subject. Although I have never held a purely technical role in industry, I have always felt that my degree gave me an excellent technical grounding for the various job functions that I have performedin industry. Aside from this, the friends I made within my year, the closeness and the ethos of the University and studying in Glasgow are all things I enjoyed about being at Strathclyde.

I started my career in Quality Assurance (QA) with Standard Telephones and Cables and then quickly moved into Technical Sales Support for a short time before relocating to Scotland to work for Hughes Microelectronics. I moved back into QA and then into Project Management and subsequently Operations Management with BAE Systems (now Selex). I'm still only on my third company and am now working in a senior role in Technical Procurement. Selex Sensors and Airborne Systems is a large Avionics company largely owned by the Italian company Finmeccanica that emerged from the BAE Systems divestment of its Avionics business in 2004.

As Procurement Manager, I am responsible for the procurement function within a range of projects, all associated with electronically scanned Airborne Radar. To help coordinate programme demands, technical requirements, and numerous sub-contractors and see the complete product emerge at the end of a complex project is very satisfying.

I have a busy family life with a wife and three children, the oldest of whom is also now at University. I am an elder within our local church. I enjoy all aspects of DIY and I still try to play football and some squash.