Eddie Anderson

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Eddie Anderson is the founder and Director of the early stage technology fund company Pentech Ventures launched in 2001. He graduated in 1986 in Applied Physics at Strathclyde. 

I loved physics at school and just wanted to understand how things work. While at Strathclyde, I met a great bunch of guys and learned a huge amount. My degree has been of huge value,the methodical/analytical approach that is encouraged has been extremely relevant to all of my jobs (see below), not all of which might be considered “physics jobs”.

I am the founder and director of Pentech Ventures, a venture capital company focused on early stage UK/Irish based software companies. At present we have a portfolio of nine investments and actively work with them on go to market, product development, sales and finance strategy. It is my aim to help create globally successful and recognised software companies. The thing that gives me most satisfaction is working with enthusiastic entrepreneurs with really great ideas. Believe me; every day is exciting in the venture game…

I have three young boys and so most of my sporting activities and hobbies revolve around them (walking, swimming, skiing, tennis, golf....). 

Career path

  • '86 - '88: Software Engineer with Ferranti Defence Systems designing real-time software for inertial navigation systems.
  • '88 - '91: Software Engineer, then Team Leader/Project Manager at BT Research Software Centre. Real-time video switching solutions, then very large scale project working on next generation network management
  • '91 - '98: Co-founder and CEO of Objective Software Technology; a software tools company providing developer tools to C++ developers. Took from complete start up to successful exit to Wind River Systems, and moved from engineering to running the commercial side of the Company.
  • '98 - '00: Senior Director at Wind River Systems (NASDAQ:WIND) running next generation product development, and responsible for groups in California, Austria and Scotland.