Hugh Murray

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Hugh Murray is Vice President, Technical at the IMAX Corporation

Optical Systems Specialist. Position in the Film Technology Group at IMAX, his primary role is to directly support film productions with special technical imaging requirements, e.g. the design of systems for stereo macro cinematography, management of digital special effects and computer generated imagery, in particular mathematical modeling used to predict the appearance of images intended for non-linear screen geometries (e.g. domes), and to compute the parameters required for the accurate merging of effects in IMAX 3D. During his eight years with IMAX Corporation, he has been involved in a wide range of R&D activities including new camera and projection lens designs, projector illumination optics, film printer steadiness, digital film scanning and others. Principal designer of the optical systems for the 3D Camera, and the many special purpose accessories that followed, including the underwater housing. Prior to his employment at Imax, he worked as a physicist for Xerox at their Canadian research centre (in the fields of photoelectrophotography and image analysis). Published several papers, e.g. in the development of real time experimental control software. Hugh Murray has a B.Sc. in Physics from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland.