Iain Neil

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Iain Neil graduated in Applied Physics in 1977 and is the Executive Vice President of Panavision. He was made Strathclyde Alumnus of the Year in 2003.

Iain Neil received a record eleven Scientific and Technical Academy Awards ("Oscars"). All of Neil's Academy Awards have been received with Panavision, where he currently serves as Executive Vice President of Research and Development and Optics as well as Chief Technical Officer where he specialises in zoom lens design. The lenses designed by Neil have been used on thousands of television-show episodes and movies in the last 18 years. Neil started his Panavision career in 1987 as the Vice President of Optics. Prior to joining Panavision, Neil had spent two years at Ernst Leitz Canada Ltd. (now a unit of Raytheon ) and eight years at Barr and Stroud (now a Thales company in Glasgow).

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