Philippe Brügger

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Philippe Brügger is a Senior Risk Manager at the Zurich Cantonal Bank, Zurich, Switzerland and studied Environmental Physics for a year at Strathclyde in 2000.

Whilst completing a Master of Science in Physics at the University of Bern, Switzerland, I spent one year at Strathclyde University. Since then I have been working for Zurich Cantonal Bank in the area of Corporate Risk Controlling. I am responsible for the development of risk measurement and pricing models for new products (mainly structured products) and the implementation of a risk-reporting database. Part of my job entails reporting to the board. I particularly enjoy my close relation to the bank’s traders and the large amount of variation in my job. I have to deal with many varied concepts as well as quantitative projects featuring the practical application of many physical principles. I also enjoy keeping in touch with finance research at the local university.

I studied physics because of my interest in everyday physical phenomena and because it is a universal and exact science. My degree has been of great value to me for many reasons. Firstly, many physical principles are directly applied in finance. Secondly, during the study of physics, one obtains the ability of abstracting information, analysing it and efficiently solving a problem, which are important skills in everyday business life. Last but not least: physicists are strongly sought-after in finance because of their quantitative and intellectual abilities.

In my time at Strathclyde, I enjoyed the social life amongst the students. The modern university infrastructure, located in the city centre and the range of sports clubs were also great selling points.

Away from work, my interests include Kung Fu, growing wine, travelling, and billiards.