Sheila Collins

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Sheila Collins (2004 Msci Physics and Mathematical Finance) - Treasury Analyst with Tyco International.

After graduation, I took a job as a Corporate Financial Analyst with Tyco International. I have j ust been given the position of Treasury Analyst, which means that I will be shortly moving to Luxembourg or Zurich. Basically, my job entails completing consolidated accounts and projecting cash flows for potential projects. I particularly enjoy the variety of tasks involved in my daily work and I like working with different functionalities and cultures. Despite not being too long out of Strathclyde, I have already travelled to New York to meet the CEO!

I really enjoyed physics at school and Strathclyde was a great place for socialising and meeting new people.Physics opens the doors to a vast number of occupations. Out in the real world it’s seen as being applicable to any profession and teaches you to think outside the box.

Away from work, I enjoy socialising, driving, travelling, reading, watching Manga etc