William McCallum

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Bill McCallum (1995 Applied Physics) - Parametric Engineer Qimonda

I studied physics because I wanted to be a Pilot in the RAF but a medical reason stopped that so I did physics as a career because I was good at it. Physics is a great background to have and especially useful to me as I now deal with Semiconductor Device Physics at work. After I finished my honours degree at Strathclyde, I did an MSc in Optoelectronic and laser device at Heriot-Watt/St Andrews University with an industrial placement working on optical switches at the BAE research site in Bristol. I then went straight to a Job in Plymouth working for Plessey Semiconductors doing the electrical parametric analysis of 0.35-micron technology Logic products. I stayed there for 6 years before deciding to move to Germany and work for Qimonda doing the same type of job but on 0.11-micron DRAM products. My job is to ensure all wafers leaving the FAB have their electrical parameters within spec, i.e., Vts, capacitance's, resistances etc. I also would then detect where problems are occurring in the line based on the electrical results.

For me, the friends I made, the time I spent with those friends, growing up, and realising what is really important in life were the best parts of being at Strathclyde; there is far more to University than study. That said I do believe that I developed a good work ethic there and felt rewarded for my efforts.

Away from work, I enjoy football, golf, socialising, and travel, along, obviously, with spending time with my family.