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Research in Cancer at Strathclyde

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Research in Cancer at Strathclyde (RICAS) is unique in the United Kingdom in that it is capable of looking at all aspects of cancer starting from the discovery of new targets and insights into cancer cell biology, to drug design and modelling, lead identification and structure activity relationships, drug formulation and pharmaeutics, to preclinical development and testing. As such, we can take the development of new treatments all the way from the bench to the clinic.

RICAS is a component of the "Technology and Innovation Centre: Health Technologies" and brings together researchers in Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences, the Cancer Research UK Formulation Unit, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

Our group publishes widely in international journals including recent discoveries published in the Nature Reviews Cancer, Journal of Controlled Release, Current Pharmaceutical Design and the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

From our research RICAS holds a number of international patents which are available for collaborative development, commercialisation or licensing.

David Flint
Group Leader
University of Strathclyde