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Doctoral Research in the Department of Strategy and Organisation

The Department of Strategy and Organisation offers two higher degree programmes: the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), both of which aim to integrate theory and practice but in different ways. All of our research activities are broadly focussed on those issues of practical management that are amenable to a combination of empirical and theoretical enquiry. A good starting point in considering what topic to study in your doctoral research is to look at some of the current research being undertaken by the academic and research staff of the department, details of which are available on this site.

Doing a doctorate in the Department of Strategy and Organisation involves developing a long term working relationship between student and supervisor around a particular research topic, so finding a supervisor who is working in your proposed area of study and has capacity to take new students is key to getting an offer of a place for doctoral study. The areas listed below are those in which a supervisor in the Department of Strategy and Organisation may be available, particularly those topics marked **. (In order to supervise effectively, supervisors can work with only a small number of students so the listing of a topic below does not necessarily mean that a supervisor will be available at the time you apply).

  • Strategic transformation and strategic interventions, understanding strategy processes and developing processes for facilitating strategy development and implementation
  • Developing and evaluating processes for scenario planning and future studies, the psychology of decision making, the role of judgement in anticipating the future, decision support systems
  • Managing the dynamic processes of change, innovation and creativity; managing technological and organisational innovation, including information systems; managing change and innovation through projects
  • Management of the multinational enterprise, including the management of knowledge and innovation, transfer and replication of managerial practice, and institutional entrepreneurship
  • Emerging markets and strategies of emerging market multinationals, global strategic alliances, offshoring research and development, modularity and outsourcing
  • Cross-cultural and comparative management; tradition, culture, and structure in organisational and trans-organisational contexts; structure and culture in high reliability organisations
  • Management and organisational learning, especially reflective and reflexive practice in management contexts; constructed and emergent identities in organisations; management/leadership learning and development
  • Emotions in managerial work and organisational life; gender and emotions, organisations, and national culture
  • Critical and sociological perspectives on hospitality and tourism management, small hospitality and tourism entrepreneurs, enterprises, organisational networks and networking

If you would like to know more about our research in any of these areas, please look at the staff profiles (publications) for the Department of Strategy and Organisation. If you would like to proceed with an application for doctoral study, you can do this online here.

In the event of any query on the application process, please contact Hilde Quigley on email: or telephone 0141 553 6109. For academic queries, please contact Dr Luciana D'Adderio, (Director of Postgraduate Research) on email: