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The SIOM academic team includes staff in both the Engineering Faculty and the Business School.

Prof Valerie Belton

Valerie Belton gained degrees in mathematics and OR from Durham (BSc) and Lancaster Universities (MA) respectively. She then took up a post with the Civil Aviation Authority, before completing a Doctorate at Cambridge. Prior to joining Strathclyde she held a lectureship in the OR Department at the University of Kent.

Val's principal focus of research interest for over 25 years has been Multicriteria Decision Analysis (MCDA). This research, which has focused on the theoretically and practically well founded use of MCDA methodologies, has been primarily practice-led. Val's other areas of current research interest include public sector performance measurement and management, how decision makers learn from modelling, and the development of reflective OR practitioners through student-centred teaching and learning.

Further info: Val's web page on the Management Science departmental webpages

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Dr Viktor Dorfler

Viktor Dorfler is a Lecturer in the Department of Management Science. His research interests lie in the fields of human knowledge and in knowledge-based expert systems, for example intelligent corporate portals and e-learning systems. Viktor's qulaifications include MSc in Mathematical Engineering from the Technical University of Budapest, MSc in International Business Relations from Budapest University of Economic Sciences, MSc in Engineering Education from the Technical University of Budapest, MBA from the Technical University of Budapest, and PhD from the University of Strathclyde, on the Model of Learning Ability.

Further info: Viktor's web page on Management Science's departmental webpages

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Dr Sean Ennis - Director of Teaching and Learning, Dept of Marketing

Sean Ennis currently teaches classes to postgraduates and MBA students in the following subjects: International Channel Management and Global Supply Chain Management. He also co-teaches a class to Honours students on Marketing and Supply Chain Management. His research interests are currently focused in areas such as outsourcing and the interface between marketing and SCM. He has taught executive programmes on these topics to a number of companies including Honeywell and IBM.

He has published in a number of scholarly articles and edited a book called Competing from the Periphery.

Further info: Sean Ennis' webpage on Marketing's departmental webpages

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Dr Jill MacBryde

Dr Jill MacBryde is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Management Science at the Strathclyde Business School. Prior to this Jill worked in the Department of Design, Manufacture & Engineering Management within the Engineering Faculty at Strathclyde.

Jill's research focuses on process improvement, innovation and performance. She is currently engaged on a number of research projects funded by the Economic & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Advanced Institute of Management (AIM). Current funded research projects include work in the areas of Design Performance, Value Chain Repositioning, Manage Processes and the Future of Manufacturing in the UK.


Telephone: +44 141 548 4549

Further info: Jill's web page on the Management Science departmental webpages

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Dr Kepa Mendibil

Kepa Mendibil is a member of the Strathclyde Institute for Operations Management and a Lecturer at the Department of Design, Manufacture and Engineering Management.

During his 6 years of academic career Kepa has contributed to the development and delivery of new teaching modules at UG/PG level and has worked in a number of national and international research and industrial projects. Kepa played a key role in attracting the K-FLOW and RESPONSE EU funded research projects to the department. He acted as the Chair of the Scientific Programme Committee and Editor for the EurOMA 2006 Conference.

Kepa's research interest focuses on business improvement through value/supply chain management, performance measurement and teamwork. His research thinking is related to action-based research working in close collaboration with industry. This thinking is supported by his 3 years of industrial experience working on related topics.

Kepa's current key areas of contribution include:

  • Principal Investigator on an EU research project on Sustainable Innovation for SMEs
  • Co-investigator for the EPSRC funded 'Manufacturing Futures' Network
  • Knowledge Base Supervisor for 2 Knowledge Transfer Partnership projects
  • Vice-Chair of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Manufacturing Section in Scotland
  • 25+ publications

Further info: Kepa's webpage on the DMEM departmental webpages

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Dr Steve Paton

Steve Paton began his career as an engineer before progressing through various management Operations and Project Management roles until reaching executive level within the aerospace industry. On gaining his PhD in the area of 'knowledge workers in project environments' he entered academia and now works in the Strathclyde University, Department of Management where he teaches in the areas of Operations/Projects Management and Strategic Management on a range of post-graduate courses including MBA.

His current research interests include the management of intellectual labor and the innovation process within technology driven firms.

Further info: Steve's webpage on the Management departmental webpages

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Dr Farhad Shafti

Farhad Shafti has a BSc in Industrial Engineering from the University of Science & Technology (Iran), an MSc in the same field, from the University of Tarbiat Modarres (Iran) and PhD in Management Science from the University of Strathclyde. Before joining the University of Strathclyde, Farhad held various positions in the National Iranian Productivity Organization (NIPO). While in NIPO, he was working closely with the Asian Productivity Organisation (APO) to provide training and consultancy services to the Iranian public and private sector organisations.

Farhad is a lecturer in the Department of Management Science, Strathclyde Business School. His research has concentrated on Service Operations, in particular productivity management and Performance Measurement in services, as well as Taxonomy of Services. He is also interested in effects of cultural features on organisational performance.

Some of Farhad's current research projects include co-investigator of a multi-disciplinary research project funded by EPSRC on managing the manage-processes, working with the Scottish Highland and Islands Centre for Business Outsourcing on managing successful contact centres, and investigating the application of simulation modelling in service operations.

Farhad is among the pioneering team that was and is helping with establishment and development of SIOM and is one of the members of the SIOM academic team.

Further info: Farhad's webpage on Management Science's departmental webpage

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Marisa Smith MEng

Marisa is a Research Assistant with the Centre for Business Process Outsourcing.  Her research concentrates on contact centre operations, in particular how to influence innovation and change in contact centres.  As part of her PhD work she has carried out case studies with a number of different contact centres within the UK, to understand how their characteristics impact on their capacity to innovate.  She is also interested in how lean principles are applied to the service operations context.

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Jaszmina Szendrey

Jaszmina Szendrey is a Research Assistant in the Department of Management Science. She gained the following degrees: BSc in Semiconductor technology and IC design from the Technical College in Budapest, MSc in Microelectronics Engineering and recently an MBA from the University of Technology and Economics in Budapest.

Prior to joining the Centre for Business Process Outsourcing at the University of Strathclyde she spent twelve years in industry. Positions included Surface Mount Technology Engineer in an electronics manufacturing company in Hungary, ICT network designer, also in Hungary, and became deputy director of procurement for Hungary in the same company. She also gained experience in applied business research, financial analysis, logistics management, reengineering and project management.

Jaszmina's research aim is to conduct industrially relevant research. Her main research interest is in decision making. Her current research projects include development of a decision tool for Business Process Outsourcing. Another project is a development of a model for decision making regarding Shared Services. She is also interested in development of collaborative business models, such as the Shared Services concept.

Further info: Jaszmina's web page

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Dr Robert van der Meer

Robert van der Meer is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Management Science, Strathclyde Business School and a member of the Management Board of SIOM. He gained degrees from Amsterdam University in Economics and Business Administration and from London School of Economics in Economics. 

Robert's main research interests are in operations management and strategy, and the economics of organisation, management and strategy. He has worked with organisations in a wide range of industries - including electronics, spirits, clothing, business services and in the public sector. While on secondment to IBM UK in the late 1980's, Robert led the development of an in-house MSc in Materials Management for IBM. More recently, he has worked with SIOM colleagues on the development of a new MSc in Supply Chain & Operations Management. He is also responsible for the recent Alliance agreement between the University of Strathclyde and SAP UK, which enables the University to use SAP's industry-leading ERP software for teaching and research.

Robert has published widely in leading academic journals such as the International Journal of Operations & Production Management, the British Journal of Management and the Journal of the Operational Research Society. He has also presented papers at numerous conferences, seminars and workshops. Robert is currently engaged in a number of research and/or knowledge transfer projects in the areas of business process management, performance measurement, risk management, business process outsourcing and Enterprise Resource Planning.

Further info: Robert van der Meer's Webpage on Management Science's departmental pages

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Dr Jason Whalley

Jason Whalley is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Management Science. Jason gained an MA in Geography from the University of Cambridge, an MA in International Political Studies from the University of Leeds and a PhD from the University of Strathclyde. He has also worked in industry, with TNO-STB in the Netherlands.

His research focuses on the structure of the telecommunications markets, the diffusion of broadband particulally in remote and rural areas susch as the Scottish Highlands and islands, and the development of ICT in Himalayan countries.

Further info: Jason's web page on Management Science's departmental webpages

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