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SIPBS is a major research centre in Scotland and is amongst the UK's top Schools of Pharmacy. We have a wide range of state-of-the-art research facilities and recently benefited from the opening of a new £36m building.

Our research is focussed on:

New Medicines, Better Medicines and Better Use of Medicines

Research within the Institute is advanced through six Research Groups:

We have also developed crosscutting Research Themes. These are more loosely organised, umbrella associations, which bring together researchers from across the Institute and elsewhere in the Faculty and University and may also include cognate members from local hospitals. Their purpose is to facilitate large-scale multi-disciplinary collaboration and SIPBS currently hosts two such crosscutting Research Themes:

(1) CeNsUS (Centre for Neuroscience, University of Strathclyde) a center for excellence for interdisciplinary Research and Knowledge Exchange in Neuroscience and Mental Health and aims to build synergistic research partnerships in basic and translational neuroscience between academia, the NHS and industry and

(2) RICAS (Research in Cancer at Strathclyde) a venture unique in the UK that is capable of examining all aspects of cancer starting from the discovery of new targets and insights into cancer cell biology, to drug design and modeling, lead identification and structure activity relationships, drug formulation and pharmaceutics and through to preclinical development and testing and as such, aims to advance the development of new treatments all the way from the bench to the clinic.

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Dr Christine Dufes

Christine Dufes you tube link image

Dr Dufes talks about her research into anti-tumour agents 

Professor Robin Plevin

Robin Plevin you tube link image

Prof Plevin talks about his research into arthritis

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