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Biomedical Science

BSc Honours

Accredited by the Institute of Biomedical Science

This course encompasses a more general broad-based degree than the specialist Joint Honours Biomedical degree programmes.

Biomedical science represents an opportunity to put scientific knowledge into practical use and perform a key role within medical healthcare that offers career satisfaction for many in the profession. Biomedical scientist learn skills and gain qualifications that can be transferred all over the UK and can be recognised worldwide.

You follow a similar curriculum up to Year 3, but instead of specialising in only two of the Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pharmacology or Immunology options, you take classes selected from all four disciplines, thereby developing a broad understanding of all aspects of biomedical sciences.

Teaching and Assessment
You will have around 240 hours of lectures, tutorials and labs per year in Years 1-3. In the Honours (fourth) Year, you will carry out a research project in one of your specialisations and write this up as a short thesis. Assessment methods include multiple-choice tests, computer quizzes, problem solving scenarios, poster and oral presentations, essays, and formal written exams.