Dr Robin Cook

Senior Research Fellow

Mathematics and Statistics


The effects of grey seal predation and commercial fishing on the recovery of a depleted cod stock
Cook Robin, Trijoulet Vanessa
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, (2016)
Grey seal predation impairs recovery of an over-exploited fish stock
Cook Robin M., Holmes Steven J., Fryer Robert J.
Journal of Applied Ecology Vol 52, pp. 969-979, (2015)
Hind-casting the quantity and composition of discards by mixed demersal fisheries in the North Sea
Heath Michael R., Cook Robin M.
PLoS One Vol 10, pp. 1-35, (2015)
European Red List of Marine Fishes
Nieto A., Ralph G.M., Comeros-Raynal M.T., Kemp J., Garcia Criado M., Allen D.J., Dulvy N.K., Walls R.H.L., Russell B., Pollard D., García S., Craig M., Collette B.B., Pollom R., Biscoito M., Labbish Chao N., Abella A., Afonso P., Álvarez H., Carpenter K.E., Clò S., Cook R., Costa M.J., Delgado J., Dureuil M., Ellis J.R., Farrell E.D., Fernandes P., Florin A-B., Fordham S., Fowler S., Gil de Sola L., Gil Herrera J., Goodpaster A., Harvey M., Heessen H., Herler J., Jung A., Karmovskaya E., Keskin C., Knudsen S.W., Kobyliansky S., Kovačić M., Lawson J.M., Lorance P., McCully Phillips S., Munroe T., Nedreaas K., Nielsen J., Papaconstantinou C., Polidoro B., Pollock C.M., Rijnsdorp A.D., Sayer C., Scott J., Serena F., Smith-Vaniz W.F., Soldo A., Stump E., Williams J.T.
Cascading ecological effects of eliminating fishery discards
Heath Michael R., Cook Robin M., Cameron Angus I., Morris David J., Speirs Douglas C.
Nature Communications Vol 5, (2014)
Reversal of fish stock decline in the Northeast Atlantic
Fernandes Paul G., Cook Robin
Current Biology Vol 23, pp. 1432-1437, (2013)

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Professional activities

NOAA Fisheries
Peer reviewer
Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS)
Peer reviewer
NOAA Fisheries
Peer reviewer
BBC Breakfast interview
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
Peer reviewer
Fish and Fisheries
Peer reviewer

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DiscardLess – Strategies for the gradual elimination of discards in European fisheries (H2020 SC2 SFS)
Heath, Michael (Principal Investigator) Cook, Robin (Co-investigator)
Period 01-Mar-2015 - 28-Feb-2019
Funding support for PhD studentship on seal-fishery bioeconomic modelling
Cook, Robin (Principal Investigator) Dickson, Alexander (Co-investigator)
Period 01-Nov-2012 - 31-Oct-2015

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