Student Funding

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There have been significant changes in student finance for UK/EU undergraduate students, including those UK students from outwith Scotland who study at Scottish Universities. The following pages give basic information and links for further details. Please note that these pages relate only to full-time study.

Information for new Scottish-domiciled undergraduate students studying at Strathclyde from 2013/14 onwards 

Information for new students from England, Wales or Northern Ireland studying at Strathclyde from 2013/14 onwards (including funding application deadline dates for 2013/14)



Non-British EU undergraduate students studying at Strathclyde

EU students from outwith the UK studying at Strathclyde should note the following points :

  • You can apply to the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) for your tuition fees to be paid on your behalf. (Note: you should contact SAAS if you are in any doubt as to your eligibility for support as an EU student, e.g. if your country is only now in the process of joining the EU).  See
  • You will normally not be entitled to loan/bursary support from UK government agencies.

International Students (those from outwith the EU) are subject to different financial arrangements.