Alumni Undergraduate Widening Access Scholarships

Strathclyde has always believed that access to education should be about talent rather than the ability to pay. We are committed to removing the financial barriers that stop young people from disadvantaged backgrounds choosing a university education.

This focus dates from the University's founder, Professor John Anderson, who left instructions in his will for the establishment of “a place of useful learning” – open to everyone, regardless of gender, status, or income. This commitment to access for all continues to the present day and is at the heart of our values and principles.

Even the most basic of costs, like transport and travel, can be a concern for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. A scholarship helps to ease these concerns and encourages students to say yes to the life-changing opportunities they will experience at Strathclyde.

Recent end of year reports highlight that scholarships allow students to:

  • Reduce their working hours in order to concentrate on their studies
  • Purchase vital resources e.g. textbooks
  • Pay for living costs e.g. food
  • Fund their travel to and from university

Not only that, a scholarship brings confidence, ambition, and the desire to succeed.

These scholarships are only made possible with the support of our donors. This is the chance for you to help us ensure that talented individuals don’t miss out on their place at Strathclyde.