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AlumniStrathclyde scholarships: undergraduate

Celebrating 25 years of Widening Access to Education 

Strathclyde has always believed that access to education should be about talent rather than ability to pay. We started our donor-funded undergraduate scholarship programme 25 years ago to enable young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to choose Higher Education. 

How does a scholarship help a student?

Your support has helped us award over 100 undergraduate scholarships in 2021 and more than 1,180 since 1996.

Undergraduate scholarships are awarded to school leavers from the most disadvantaged areas who may not be able to afford to attend university. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought additional financial pressures on these students and the support of a scholarship is more important than ever.

Scholarship students are awarded £1,250 annually (£5,000 over a four year degree) to support the essential costs of university including transport and learning resources. The University also provides a wider programme of support and this includes a mentoring programme and careers support.

A scholarship offers much more than just financial support - it brings confidence, ambition and the desire to succeed.

25th Anniversary Scholarship Appeal

We have ambitious plans to mark this milestone by providing an additional 25 scholarships in 2021 and 25 in 2022. This would mean that 10% of students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds would receive a scholarship each year. 

The scholarship programme has always relied on the support of our alumni and friends and you can support this appeal through a Named Scholarship.  

Support a 25th Anniversary Named Scholarship

You can support a Named Scholarship with a gift of £5,000 (£4,000 plus gift aid):

  • support an individual student throughout their studies and be part of their journey to success
  • the student you are supporting will send you an annual report on the difference their scholarship is making
  • opportunities to meet your student at events and offer additional mentoring support
  • donors can choose to name a scholarship e.g. 'The Smith Family Scholarship'
  • give a one-off gift of £5,000 (£4,000 plus gift aid) or annual installments of £1,250 (£1,000 plus gift aid) 

Contact us to find out more about how you can support a 25th Anniversary scholarship

I simply cannot describe how amazing it feels to finally not be constantly burdened by my financial situation and home life; it makes me feel like a normal student.

Sadiya Yakubu, 2021.
1st year Aero Mechanical Engineering (BA).


I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to attend university and even more fortunate for having the scholarship to support me.

Lauren Rafferty, 2021.
2nd year International Business with a Modern Language (BA).



£5,000 scholarships support students to access university

"Coming from a low income family and deprived area, the costs of student life can add extra stress. The scholarship has allowed me to tackle university with a clear mind without worrying about financial pressures.”

Mark Cooper, 2019, 3rd year Economics