Career Mentor

Throughout the year, Alumni & Development and the Careers Service work together to organise student and alumni career networking events. These are designed to introduce students to mentors from the alumni community.

What's involved

Networking events provide an opportunity for current students to meet with people from the Strathclyde alumni community, including people who have graduated from the same course, to learn how they got to where they are today.

The programme allows current students to gain invaluable information about the range of career options available to those with particular degrees as well as advice on how to achieve their goals.

Career mentors can work in any industry and can be at various stages or levels of seniority in their careers. Many mentors are likely to have graduated in the last ten years.

If you would like to be involved, please ensure your contact details are up to date and we'll let you know when a suitable event is forthcoming. Student and alumni career networking events focus on specific subjects and areas of expertise - suitable alumni will be invited by email to attend events as appropriate.

What's expected from a mentor?

As a careers mentors you should be willing to share information about your career journey with current students. Sharing knowledge and expertise about your industry area will provide invaluable insight to students looking to begin their careers.

It is asked that you are typically able to provide one to two hours of support per event, by answering questions, providing advice, tips and contacts as appropriate.

Mentor benefits

By attending a student and alumni career networking event, you'll be giving something back in support of current students. Sharing your experience, knowledge, and expertise will have a positive impact and, at the same time, will strengthen your bond with the Strathclyde alumni community.

The highlights - what the students say...

The highlight of the event for me was having the chance to talk to a graduate who is now in a career in which I am interested. She was able to offer me useful advice, and gave me her contact details so I can now follow up with her on anything else I may have questions about”

“Finding out that even alumni who are now in their dream job have struggled to find a job after graduation”

“Getting to find out about many different career paths that I was not aware were open to maths graduates”

“Seeing the different paths an engineering career can take”