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We are able to provide photocopies or scanned images from our collections as long as the material is of a suitable condition and is not covered by restrictions. Please note that all copies are provided on the understanding that they are for private study and research only.

For a guide to our charges please consult the Reprographics Price Guide (PDF).

How to place an order

All copying is undertaken in accordance with our Policy on copying (PDF).

The use of digital cameras and smartphones to capture images of archives and books from the University of Strathclyde Archives and Special Collections is permitted but please read our guide to Self Service Digital Photography and check with the reading room supervisor on duty for any restrictions.

Requesting permission to publish

Copies are initially supplied on the understanding that they are for private study and research only. However, researchers may be allowed to publish on the following conditions:

  • You must obtain the permission of the University Archivist in advance of publication.
  • You must make due acknowledgement in the published work to the University of Strathclyde.
  • Any reproduction fee requested must be paid on or before publication.
  • Material subject to copyright may not be published without the additional permission of the copyright holder. It is the responsibility of the researcher to obtain the permission of the copyright holder.

How to request permission to publish:

  • Print out Permission to Publish Form and complete giving as much detail as possible. Ensure you sign and date the form.
  • Give the form to a member of staff in our reading room or post it to us. Please note that original forms with signatures are always required.
  • The University Archivist will assess whether permission can be granted and advise you if any charges will be applicable.

Re-use of public sector information

Archives and Special Collections is subject to the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulation 2015 (PSI Regulations). Please see Permission to reproduce Library materials for details of how to make a request for re-use of our information and Fees for details of our charges.

Submit your copy request forms online

Requesting permission to publish

Permission to Publish Form

Please note this form must be printed, signed and sent by post. Electronic copies are not acceptable.