Deposited Archives

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This is a short overview of our deposited archives. For details of all our archive collections, please consult our online archives catalogue.

We have a diverse range of archives which have been acquired over the years by gift or deposit to support the University’s teaching and research. Our main strengths are:

Education, including the records of the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland; the papers of Robert Rusk, educational historian;  Marjorie Cruickshank, educationist; the David Stow collection.

Town planning - the papers of Sir Patrick Geddes, 1854-1932, biologist, sociologist, educationist and town planner; Sir George Pepler, 1882-1959, town planner; Jaqueline Tyrwhitt, 1905-1983, landscape architect and town planner

Investigative journalism, including the papers of Ludovic Kennedy, writer and broadcaster, relating to Patrick Meehan, victim of miscarriage of justice

Shipping, including the records of the Gem Line Shipping Company 

Iron and coal industry – the records of William Baird and Co Ltd, iron and coal masters

Environmental health, including the records of the Occupational and Environmental Diseases Association (OEDA) 

Art - the papers of George Wyllie, 1921-2012, popular artist and sculptor