Advanced Space Concepts Laboratory

Frontier research on visionary space systems.

The dirty dozen

ASCL researchers identify 12 asteroid candidates for capture!

3rd International Solar Sail Symposium

ASCL hosted the 3rd ISSS from 11-13 June 2013.

Advanced Space Concepts Laboratory

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The Advanced Space Concepts Laboratory is an award-winning research centre undertaking frontier research on visionary space systems. Our work is delivering radically new approaches to space systems engineering to underpin new technologies for space exploration and new space services.

mechanical and aerospace engineering
James Weir Building
75 Montrose Street Glasgow G1 1XJ
t: 0141 548 4851 F: 0141 552 5105


12 ASCL members at the IAC in Toronto

The ASCL was once again well represented at this year's IAC in Toronto, presenting over 20 papers. 

MBE for ASCL Director Professor Colin McInnes


Strathclyde student success at BIS for 5th year in a row

Ciara McGrath has won the BIS prize as the top UK undergraduate space research project.  

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