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Progress Reviews

Student review in the Business School is part of the monitoring and evaluation process set out in the University of Strathclyde Policy and Code of Practice for Postgraduate Research Degrees.

Reviews occur on a regular basis, whatever the mode of study. There are different types of review occurring at different stages of the study period. Students all receive an Interim and Annual Review. Some departments also carry out a Final Review or 'mock' viva.

All review processes in the Business School are managed through the Neptune system (see Neptune PGR Reviews

Students will be notified when their review documentation is due. Students should complete their documentation online before a review meeting takes place. The supervisors are automatically notified when the student uploads the document. The review concludes with an online report on progress and feedback to the student via the student's Neptune record. This report is submitted to the departmental Director of Postgraduate Research for approval.

Department Contacts

Accounting & Finance

Contact: Lorna Carlaw


Contact: Fiona McIntosh 

Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship

Contact: Caroline Laurie

Human Resource Management

Contact: Jean Nelson

Management Science

Contact: Alison Kerr


Contact: Christina McFadden

Strategy and Organisation

Contact: Hilde Quigley