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Voluntary Sector Employment Relations

Voluntary Sector Employment Relations

The Department of Human Resource Management at Strathclyde Business School has a record of innovative publication and research in the area of Voluntary Sector Employment Relations through the work of Professor Ian Cunningham and Professor Dennis Nickson. Indeed, this work has led to a number of funded research projects in the area of voluntary sector employment relations.

The reports generated by the publications and research projects have had significant impacts on policy making among policymakers, employers and trade unions.

By continued engagement via knowledge exchange activity, keynote addresses, and dissemination of results, the recommendations of these various reports have been adopted by trade unions (Unison) and sector-level lead bodies, such as the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) and The Coalition of Community Care Providers Scotland (CCPS) to campaign and influence public policymakers. For example, the research on procurement and re-tendering was acknowledged as informing specific guidelines from the Scottish Government on social care procurement.

Details of the funded research projects are:

The recruitment crisis in the voluntary sector

This research and consequent report on recruitment issues in social care was commissioned and funded by the Voluntary Sector HR Network. The launch of the report attracted much interest from policymakers and practitioners, as well as significant media attention. The report was a catalyst to securing a meeting between the Scottish Government’s Minister of Communities and the Voluntary Sector HR Network to discuss the report’s recommendations.

Workforce insecurity in the voluntary sector

Funded by the trade union, Unison, this project explored workforce insecurity in the voluntary sector. Consequently, it led to a public interest report which the union used in campaigns for greater funding for the sector.

Procurement, re-tendering and the voluntary sector social care workforce

Funded by the Voluntary Sector Social Services Workforce Unit (VSSSWU) this report explored the impact of EU Procurement Regulations on employment in voluntary organisations. This public interest report yielded significant media coverage, as well as the consideration by policy makers in Scottish Government, employers and trade unions.

Employment Conditions in the Scottish Social Care Voluntary Sector

Funded by the VSSSWU this report explored the impact of recession and austerity on working conditions in the voluntary sector. It yielded significant media coverage and consideration among employers and trade unions regarding joint campaigning on pay and conditions in the sector.

Personalisation and the social care workforce

The second report funded by VSSSWU concerned the impact of personalisation on the voluntary sector workforce, and is beginning to yield significant media coverage and requests for the authors to undertake keynote addresses.

Public sector austerity, personalisation and the implications for the voluntary sector workforce

The follow up to the earlier research on personalisation was launched in 2013 to an audience of over 70 policy makers and practitioners. It is a key piece of research informing the continuing debate about self-directed support featuring as a key resource on the Providers and Personalisation web portal.

For more information contact Professor Dennis Nickson.