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The Department of Strategy & Organisation is a lively, collaborative, and internationally respected community of scholars whose research centres on how managers are able to manage the firms and organizations they are responsible for.

The overarching theme that unites us as a research community is our shared interest in the processes and practices of strategising and organising within global contexts. Our research is clustered around three key topic areas including:

Within these key topic areas, we conduct research into scenario thinking, high value manufacturing, project management, leadership development, leadership as an organisational practice, international partnerships, multinational enterprises from emerging and transitional economies, and international tourism.

Our empirical work is based in a range of different types of organisations in public, private and third sectors and includes micro-businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises, international and multinational enterprises and knowledge-intensive firms. We do our research utilizing a variety of approaches, methodologies, and methods, yet we are unified with regard to our basic interest in understanding how 'management' works.

The department's academics are not only committed to pursuing excellence in their own careers, but we're also dedicated to coaching, nurturing and developing future generations of researchers. We aim to recruit research students of the highest calibre who wish to work with us to extend current knowledge about the processes and practices of strategising and organising.

We welcome research students as active members of our vibrant community.

Further information on the Department of Strategy and Organisation's research areas.

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