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PhD/DBA Graduates

Victoria Walker (2021)
Investigating the experience of well-being in the context of low paid service work in the hospitality and social care sectors

David Evans (2020)
Breakaway Trade Unions: Reframing the debate within a Social Movement Approach

John Evans (2020)
Shaping Apprenticeships: Strategic actors in skill ecosystems

Syed Bin Syed Omar (2020)
HRM and performance in the public sector: The role of line managers and employee perception in HRM implementation

Joanna Butler (2020)
Welfare to work: The Impact of the Jobseeker-Adviser Relationship on Objective Employment Outcomes

Magdalena Gilek (2020)
Mental health among young workers: the impact of job quality

Hao Cheng (2019)
The role of emotion in decision making when information is framed positively and negatively

Derek Thomson (2019)
Emotion in Teaching: Developing an understanding of the emotional side of teaching through the importance of context and role amongst teachers and classroom assistants in Scottish schools

Francis Vinicius Portes Virginio (2019)
The transnational chains of super-exploitation in the 21st century: the experiences of Haitian workers in Brazil

Eli Dutton (2019)
Long-term sickness absence and the contested terrain of the employment relationship

Ann Ndiuini (2019)
Career experiences of Kenyan migrant hotel workers in the UK hotel sector

Linda Buchan (2019)
Leadership-as-comminicative-practice: Transforming situations through talk and text

William McConn-Palfreyman (2019)
Exploring leadership as it is expressed within professional rugby: the application of Merleau-Ponty's sensual ontology of flesh to organisational practice

Rory Tracey (2019)
In Daedalus' Workshop: Technique and the Dynamics of Invention in Organisation Studies

Chibuzo Ejiogu (2019)
High-Skilled Migrant Workers, Transnational Networks, Equality and Voice: Civil Society Organisations as New Regulatory Actors in Work and Employment

Chandrima Roy (2018)
Employment, Work Organization and Employee Experiences of Work in Post-Crisis Indian Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry

Patrick (Pauric) O’Rourke (2018)
An Exploratory Study on the Impact of New Public Management Inspired Change on Work and HRM in the Irish Nonprofit, Voluntary and Community Sector

Doug Young (2018)
Caring Within Constraint: Employment Relations in Voluntary Sector Social Care in the Context of Personalisation, Marketization and Austerity

Pedro Jose Mendonca (2018)
Examining the Changing Nature of Employment Regimes and Job Quality in the Supply Chain

James Main (2018)
Scared to go Sick: Trade Union and Member Responses to Sickness Absence Policy Management within Local Government

Awatif Al Rakhyoot (2017)
Conceptualising the Antecedents of Employee Intentions to Transfer Training to the Job.

Andy Clark (2017)
Not Our Jobs to Sell’ – Workforce Mobilization, Deindustrialisation and Resistance to Plant Closure: Scottish Female Factory Occupations, 1981 – 1982.

Stefano Battaglia (2017)
Dynamics of Trust in the Employment Relationship.

Ken Munro (2017)
To what Extent and in what Ways is Clinical Reasoning Relevant in Manual Handling Risk Assessments in a Community Setting.

Andy Brady (2017)
An Analysis of Trade Unions in Shaping FAV Employment Relations Outcomes in the British Labour Party Post-1970.

Fotis Mitsakis (2017)
Strategic HRD: An Investigation into Greek Banks at the Time of the Economic Crisis.

Miguel Sarrion (2017)
Engagement Climate in Service Settings: Construct Domain, Multidimensionality and Measurement.

Joseph McCarthy (Tony) (2017)
Measuring Risk Perception and Risk-taking Behaviour when Driven by Automatic Cognitive Processing: The Development of New Methods.

Andrew Bratton (2016)
Creating Sustainable Workplaces Together: Employee Relations Practices and Environmental Management.

Radoslaw Polkowski (2016)
Migration, Structures of feeling and pathways to inclusion and exclusion: migrant workers in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Poland.

Rachelle Pascoe-Deslauriers (2016)
Job Displacement and the Implications for Job Quality

Anastasios Hadjisolomou (2015)
Line Managers Role in the Retention of Front Line Employees in the context of a retail war: A comparison between Cyprus and UK supermarkets

Eleanor Kirk (2015)
Grievance Formulation and Expression: A Comparative Workplace Study

Tzu-Hui Wang (2015)
Organisational Citizenship Behaviour: Exploring Enablers Within Organisational Culture from an Employment Perspective

Isobel McDonald (2015)
Institutional Factors and the Experiences of Women in Management

Douglas Martin (2015)
The Impact of Work Changes in the UK Civil Service and the Trade Union Response

Mhairi Wallace (2014)
The Need Satisfaction and Wellbeing of Scottish Primary Teachers

Hazel Baxter (2013)
The Employment Relationship of New Labour Migration

Belgin Okay-Somerville (2013)
Antecedents of Graduate Underemployment

Saira Lee (2012)
Work Intensity in the Software Industry

Pearl Ming-Chu Lin (2012)
Training for Culinary Creativity: The Role of Formative Education

Evangelia Marinakou (2012)
An Investigation of Gender Influences on Transformational Leadership Style in the Greek Hospitality Industry

Charalambos Giousbasoglou (2012)
A Contextual Approach to Understanding Managerial roles and Competencies: The Case of Luxury Hotels in Greece

Rowan Denton (2011)
The Role and Influence of Board Members on Non Departmental Public Bodies: A Stakeholder Perspective

Nermin Morsy (2011)
Internal Marketing: An HRM-Marketing Nexus. The Case of Global Travel Company

Shiona Chillas (2010)
The Changing Nature of Graduate Work and Employment

Muhammad Athar Siddiqui (2010)
The Equality Theme in HRD Discourse: A Critical and Contextual Case Study of an Education Development Agency in Pakistan

Pauline Anderson (2009)
Stuck in the Middle: Problems with Recruitment Skill and Training in Intermediate Occupations in the Hourglass Economy

Scott Hurrell (2009)
Addressing Soft Skills Deficits: The Employer's Response.

Anne Marie Cullen (2008)
The Demand for Aesthetic Skills in Interactive Service Work: the Implications of this Demand upon Unemployed Job Seekers' Access to this Work.

Andrew Jenkins (2008)
Perspectives of Age Discrimination in Hotel Employment: An Anglo-Irish Study

Hannah Hesselgreaves (2007)
A Study of Emotional Intelligence, Leadership-Member Dyads and Employee Outcomes in the British NHS

Caroline Smith (2007)
New World Order in the New World? The Capacity of Australian Unions to Mobilise Internationally

Zabeda Abdul Hamid (2005)
Knowledge Workers - Evaluating the Impact and Management of Knowledge Workers in Organisations

Ian Cunningham (2005)
Employee Relations in the Voluntary Sector

Robert Isaac (2005)
Supervisor and Employee Value Congruence and Ratings of Job Performance

Abigail Marks (2005)
Using a Social Identity Approach to Reconcile Opposing Debates on Teamwork

Steve Paton (2005)
Scientific Management and Technical/Professional Labour

Craig Williamson (2004)
External Quality Assessment in the Context of Managerialism and Higher Education Public Policy

Hadyn Bennet (2002)
Demographic and Biographical Predictors of Work Values and Preferences in the Northern Irish Context: Implications for Employee Selection and Person-Organization Fit

Bertold BIFFAR (1999)
A Segmented Institutionalist Perspective of Multimedia Computer-Based Training Projects

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