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Strathclyde has become the first university in Scotland to appoint a strategic technology partner. Appointed in 2013, CAPITA IT Services will support the delivery of significant technology enhancements for the benefit of students, staff and partners over a five-year period, and will also involve some of CAPITA's partners including Dell, IBM, Hitachi & Hewlett Packard.

CAPITA will use the knowledge, innovation, and ideas of its technology experts to help the University escalate the efficacy of its IT systems, services, and capabilities. This will in turn strengthen its position as a leading technological university. 

A key feature of this partnership is the creation of a joint Partnership Contribution Fund between CAPITA and the University. This aims to provide enhanced educational and employability benefits for students and graduates as well as economic and community benefits to Glasgow and the west of Scotland.

The fund will support a range of initiatives including, company internships, PhD studentships, guest lectures, student bursaries and outreach activities with local schools.


PhD Studentships

 PhD Studentships 2017/18 - Three New Studentships Announced

In the fourth year of the Partnership, funding has, again, been aligned to PhD research studentship support at the University of Strathclyde starting in academic year 2017/18 and we are delighted to announce three new Studentships have been selected and will begin in October 2017.

The focus of each of the new Studentships are in line with the University’s research strengths and priorities, and connected to Capita’s business interests.  Contact if you require any further information. The three new Studentships are listed below:

Dr Alison Kirk, Dr Fiona Mitchell and Dr Marilyn Lennon: Integrating Technology to Support Active Lifestyles in Youth with Type 1 Diabetes: The ActivPals Programme

Professor Alec Morton and Dr Kerem Akartunali: A Mixed Methods Approach for Clinical Triage to Improve Patient's Journey and System Performance

Dr Vladimir Stankovic, Dr Andrew Kerr, Dr Lina Stankovic and Professor Philip Rowe: Data-Science enabled Tele-rehabilitation 

You can read about the other Capita PhD Studentships here 



A series of events have been launched as part of the strategic partnership. The knowledge exchange events aim to offer an insight into how future technology will shape education, and help higher education institutions (HEIs) improve teaching, learning, and research.


This symposium provided colleagues and students with an opportunity to hear about the current collaborative Studentship projects and find out more about the research collaborations growing from the Strathclyde Strategic Technology Partnership. These PhD Studentships are part-funded by the STP Partnership Contribution Fund and are aligned to Capita areas of research interest.

To view a brief description of each of the featured research projects, click Capita PhD Symposium slides



Dr Catherine Howe, Capita's Solutions Director, presented a Digital Leadership Masterclass on 16th November 2016. To view Catherine's slides clickCatherine Howe slides 

Find out about some more Past Events


For the fourth year running, bursaries have again been awarded to University of Strathclyde students through the Partnership Contribution Fund, created by Capita IT Services and the University. This year a further £5000 was distributed between nine students to assist with various expenses such as purchasing laptops, printers, course equipment and general living costs. A total of £19000 has now been awarded to 34 students in bursaries in the four years the Partnership has been in place.

"The Bursary Funding of £500 came in handy just as I was thinking of quitting my course due to financial problems. It helped me hugely to stay on top of my bills and expenses for the course materials and because of that I am able to focus on my studies. Despite being a one off payment, it has helped put my mind at rest and, I am able to continue my studies with no financial implications. Thanks to all who put this bursary funding in place." Bernard

"The Capita bursary that I was awarded has helped me enormously during my studies this year. The money I was awarded has allowed me to purchase more books for my studies and has given me the opportunity to spend a little less time at my part time job to spend more time on my studies. I'm very grateful for the award and feel it has had a strong impact on my success on my studies this year." Jamie

Previous Bursaries video



Schools Engagement: Strathclyde fab lab & STP Partners

Strathclyde's fab lab and STP Partner Dell have been working together to engage local schools in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects and related occupations. Primary school pupils, teachers and parents have been taking part in projects involving craft, design, engineering and 3-D printing techniques.

 Following some very successful visits to the fab lab starting in November, children from some local primary schools and their teachers have been enjoying learning about craft, design, engineering and 3-D printing techniques here at the University of Strathclyde.

 fab lab school session 

These sessions are run by Graham Murdoch and Lindsay Whiteford from the School of Education, and are supported by some of our own Strathclyde PhD students and also by Dell, one of our Strategic Technology Partners. Selected Dell colleagues and our PhD Students have been trained by Graham and Lindsay in the fab lab techniques and software. Under Graham and Lindsay’s supervision, our students and Dell colleagues (also known as fab lab helpers) help guide the children to translate their designs, from creating their individual project on computer software, to the finished 3-D article. They are shown how to creatively adapt and improve the designs when constructing a model or product.

The children are taught how to use graphic media to create a design and develop knowledge and understanding of  3-D design. They are encouraged by the helpers to apply knowledge and understanding to make connections between different engineering, scientific and mathematical principles.

 One of the primary schools – St Joseph’s in Stepps – were so impressed and enthused by their fab lab session that they emailed the fab lab to ask if staff could run an after-school club for them. Funding was obtained from the Strategic Technology Partnership to run a ten week course, where the children learned about 3D printing, electronics and computer design.

The club was also run by Graham and Lindsay with help from PhD students in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. Children designed and printed the United Nations Building (see below). As well as using computer skills, they had to use their maths to work out costs of printing and print time.

fab lab UN building schools project

To see the impact the fab lab sessions are having, download some of the schools feedback 


CAPITA Internships - Summer 2015

The Capita Transformation internships closing date for applications has now passed, thank you to all who applied. Please look out for more Capita internship opportunities coming soon.

Graduate Recruitment

See the latest Capita Graduate Recruitment opportunities here


Management Science 4th Year Honours Students working on Capita Projects

Kristin Simonova and Rebecca Brydie, both 4th Year Honours students from Management Science, have been selected to work on Capita projects from September 2015 through to April 2016.

Kristin's project will be working on the Capita/ Prudential business, and requires working with multi location and discipline teams to understand the current process, volumes of work and times of processes, brainstorming techniques and problem solving skills using a DMAIC methodology. Kristin will be analysing the overall customer journey (customer experience) and look to improve this through identification of and elimination of inefficiencies and waste.

Rebecca's project involves working with the The Capita Voice team, who currently answer over 130,000 calls per month from a variety of customers on a broad range of products. Speech Analytics is a tool that transcribes these conversations into text which provide a wealth of information on the issues that customers are experiencing. Rebecca's role will be to identify a business issue, analyse this through the use of Speech Analytics and other information sources and supply recommendations to the business.


Chemical process engineering graduate secures position with CAPITA's Oil and Gas unit

 For the first time Capita’s Oil and Gas unit has recruited directly from University of Strathclyde. The new recruit is a Chemical Process Engineer, whose projects will include High Pressure (HP) Pipelines, HP Installations, Liquid Natural Gas plants and working on a range of gas systems from 75mbar to 300barg. Capita is also working on a “nitrogen ballasting project” pilot, which will require the involvement of the new Chemical Process Engineer. The gas is a clean, dry gas which Capita intend to inject nitrogen and control the Wobbe Number within a  defined  range. This is due to the potential introduction of richer LNG availability from around the world which could be imported to the UK.



Strathclyde Business School Interns

Two Business School students were selected for internships with CAPITA.  Find out more in the SBS newsletter.


Mark O'Neill, Amy Wishart, Emily King and Gary Bell

Mark O'Neill on his Summer Internship with Capita's Consulting Business




In the first year of the partnership, CAPITA have offered a total of eight summer placements to University of Strathclyde students.  The interns, who come from various subject areas across the University, have been placed as follows:

  • CAPITA Consulting (London): Amy Wishart, Mark O'Neill
  • CAPITA IT Services: Louis Coker, Catriona Hudson
  • CAPITA property and infrastructure: Brodie paterson, Jessica Ridley
  • CAPITA Life & Pensions: Sabah Rasul
  • CAPITA Insurance & Benefits Services: Josh Smiles

Amy Wishart on Efficiency Exchange

"I was working for the 'Efficiency Exchange' at 'Universities UK' for 6 weeks during my time with Capita. The Efficiency Exchange is an online space for Higher Education Institutions to discover and share knowledge, so one of my tasks was to interview senior members of some HEIs in London to discover how they were managing to operate effectively and efficiently in the changing HE environment." Amy's interview was published in The Guardian.


Professor Sir Jim McDonald

At Strathclyde we are committed to providing the best possible experience for our staff and students and this unique collaboration with CAPITA allows us to enhance that experience"

Professor Sir Jim McDonald

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