CV Checking

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What We Do

We will check your CV or application form to help you make the final, finishing touches to it.  You are expected to have used our CV advice so that your CV is already good.  You can download a copy of our CV booklet from MyCareer (DS login required)

CV advisers will then give you feedback on its:

  • Structure
  • Language
  • Impact
  • Presentation
  • The extent to which the CV or Application form is adequately targeted towards your chosen sector, individual employer, or postgraduate course
What We Do Not Do

CV advisers will not rewrite the CV/application form for you, or amend the CV/application form itself.  The wording needs to be your own.  CV advisers will provide you with pointers about what needs improvement and why, so that you can improve it for yourself.

We will point out sections where there are serious errors in grammar, punctuation and/or spelling, but we do not correct these for you. We are not offering a "proof reading" service so it is sensible to ask a friend to look for these types of mistakes for you before sending out your CV/application form.

CV advisers will discuss only your CV/application form/covering letter. If you require other careers information or advice, you should speak to our Information Team or arrange an appointment with a careers adviser. (See our Individual Advice page for details.)


How To Book

Online booking for a CV check appointment is now available from MyCareer.

Just click on the link below after reading the intructions.  You should log in using your Pegasus (DS) login if you are a registered student.  The sessions run several times per week. You may book your appointment up to two days in advance. 

Please note if you are a graduate you must register with the Careers Service before you can use our services.

AT THE BEGINNING OF SEMESTER THIS SERVICE IS EXTREMELY BUSY.   Booking opens at 8 am, 2 days in advance of each session.

CV/Application booking


Please note: It is important that you arrive promptly for your appointment.   If you are more than 5 minutes late, then you will not be seen.

Additional support with English

International students who may need additional help with English can sign up with the English Language Team who are based on Floor 2, Livingstone Tower. They offer individual consultation sessions with an English Language Tutor.

There is a paper sign-up sheet on Level 2 and students should indicate that it is a CV / application form they need help with. Find out more from English language teaching.

New online resources

We have recently launched two video CV tutorials which will talk you through the layout and content of your CV.   These are available from MyCareer. Simply login and scroll to the bottom of your dashboard to find these.