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The objective of your CV is to secure an interview.

If you are applying for a placement/internship this advice is relevant as many employers look for similar standards of application for these as for their graduate positions. Attention to detail is essential so make sure you proofread your CV/application form/covering letter before you submit it and be aware that the spellcheck doesn’t pick up everything

Must Haves

Your CV Should Always Be

Personal Details

What personal details do you need to include?


Advice on the Education section of CVs

Employment History/Work Experience

Advice on the Employment/Work Experience section of CVs


Advice on the Interests section of CVs


Advice on the Skills section of CVs


Advice on the References section of CVs

Options with your CV

Find out about other CV options

International CVs

Find advice on International CVs here

Video CVs

Find advice on video CVs here

Creative CVs

More creative options for portfolio-based CVs

Useful Resources

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