National Insurance

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Why is this National Insurance (NI) number important?

Who will use my NI number?

The Government and any employers you work for


  • Government departments use your NI number to keep track of all the payments you make as a worker in the UK as well as any benefit entitlements which you may have built up
  • HM Revenue & Customs will use your NI number to file the information held on you



  • When you start a new job your employer will ask for your National Insurance number so that they can provide the Inland Revenue and Contributions Agency with information about the deductions which they make from your wages
  • Any deductions which the employer makes from your wages will appear on your pay slip
How much will I pay
Keep it safe
If you have been allocated a NI number but can't remember it or have lost it telephone the helpline on 0845 91 57006 between 8am - 5pm Monday to Friday.
  • Do not disclose your NI number to anyone who does not need it
  • Keep your NI Number in a safe place - this number will never change and you will always need it for any employment you undertake in the UK
  • Your NI number will be printed on several types of documents eg.
    • wage slips
    • P60 - this is an end of year document, given to employees by their employers, stating how much tax and NI employees have paid
    • official correspondence you may have between you, your employer, HM Revenue and Customs or the Contributions Agency

    The more jobs you have the more paperwork you will have so it is a good idea to try to organise or file these documents in a safe place

What if I think I've paid too much National Insurance?

What if I want to work on a self-employed basis?
It is possible for students to work on a self employed basis.  However, there are requirements to contact HM Revenue & Customs to register as being self employed in order to pay correct tax and national insurance contributions.  Find out more: Self Employed Students.
Useful resources

HMRC Employment Status Indicator

This HMRC Employment Status Indicator tool allows you to check your employment status (ie whether you are employed or self-employed) for tax, NI and VAT purposes.

Applying for a National Insurance

Find out from the HM Revenue & Customs website about Applying for a National Insurance Number.

Documents you need before you can work in the UK

Find out from the HM Revenue & Customs website about important documents you need before you can work in the UK.