Delegates attending an exhibition in TIC

Conferencing & Events Deliveries and Exhibitions

  • We will happily accept deliveries up to 24 hours prior to your event, and would respectfully ask that you arrange collection of any items by 12 noon on the next working day after the end of your event.  Any items not collected by this time will be disposed of.
  • Deliveries may only be made via our Stores entrance - packages will not be accepted at Reception.
  • Access via Stores is normally available between 08:00 and 16:00, Monday-Friday.  You should let your Conference & Events Officer know if you require access outside these times; they will advise whether additional charges apply.
  • All deliveries should be clearly labelled as follows:
  Name of Event
  Event Date
  Company Name
  Recipient Name
  Technology & Innovation Centre
  Stores Delivery Entrance
  Shuttle Street
  G1 1QA
  • For post-event collections, please add the name of the courier, an approximate pick-up time and appropriate printed labels.
  • We do not have a forklift truck on-site.
  • Larger deliveries should take into account the following access restrictions:
- Hydraulic Lift at entrance: max. length 310cm
- Max. weight 3150kg
- Doors (into Levels 2 & 3 Foyers): max. height 190cm, max. width 120cm
  (The height of a pallet/truck to move heavier items should also be taken into account)
  • If you are planning a large exhibition or shipping multiple and/or large items of equipment, we recommend that you work with Stevie Cameron Event Logistics, who can:
- Collect packages/shipments from your premises (including overseas addresses)
- Store before and after exhibitions at their local warehouse
- Deliver items direct to stands
- Arrange the return of your shipment after the event

For further information, complete their enquiry form, email or call +44 1355 238 559.