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Conferencing & Events Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi access is available throughout the Technology & Innovation Centre and the University campus free of charge. Delegates can connect to the internet via _The Cloud. Delegates from academic institutions should also be able to access Wi-Fi via Eduroam, using login details from their home institution.

Wi-Fi access using _The Cloud

How to get online:

  • select 'WiFi Guest' from the list of your available networks
  • launch your preferred browser and click 'Get Online'
  • select the 'Free Wi-Fi Cloud' option
  • if you have used _The Cloud elsewhere before you can use the same credentials. If not, select 'Create Account' and enter all mandatory information requested
  • select 'Continue'
  • you are now online!

Need to know more?

Our guide on how to use _The Cloud should have all the answers to your questions.

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