Technology & Innovation Centre tiered main auditorium

Conferencing & EventsMain Auditorium

Accommodating up to 450 delegates, TIC's Main Auditorium is our principal conference venue.  An innovative system of movable walls and electronic partitions divides the Auditorium into a tiered section for 300 and a flat-floored section for 150; or three sections accommodating 150 each (Auditoria A, B and C).

TIC Auditorium A set theatre style  

Each section of the Auditorium is acoustically-discreet and fully self-contained when subdivided, with separate access to/from the adjacent foyers.  The tiered sections feature 13-amp sockets under every seat, ensuring your delegates can stay connected throughout the conference.

TIC Auditorium B with top table         

With state-of-the-art audio-visual installation - including LED lighting which allows you to theme the room in corporate colours and spotlight speakers - the Main Auditorium is an impressive, flexible backdrop for your event.

Main auditorium in the Technology and Innovation Centre