CoronavirusCOVID Protection Level 4

The Scottish Government has announced that Glasgow, alongside 10 other local authorities in Scotland, has moved to Protection Level 4. Read the announcement in full on the Scottish Government website.

The changes to protection levels came into effect at 6pm Friday the 20 November 2020 and will remain in place for three weeks until Friday 11 December 2020.

The decisions on the Levels were taken to protect the NHS and open the prospect of us all being able to see loved ones at Christmas. Read more information about the Scottish Government's Protection Levels.

The University remains open and we will continue to deliver restricted blended learning alongside essential research activities. However, we will change the way we deliver some of our activities. Your Department or School will be in contact with you directly regarding any changes to the delivery of your programme.

The majority of staff will continue to work from home, however, our essential workers will remain on campus to deliver essential University business. 

Learning & teaching

The new guidance from the Scottish Government states that colleges and universities will implement a restricted blended learning model in Level 4. For Strathclyde, this means learning and teaching will be online with an exception for the delivery of critical and time-sensitive learning, assessments and work placements that cannot be delivered remotely or postponed.

Research & research labs

The Scottish Government has said that essential work should be carried out in laboratories and research facilities, in areas that are subject to Level 4 restrictions. We are working closely with the Government to understand what that means for Strathclyde.

Andersonian Library

The Andersonian Library will remain open. Only Library staff may access the bookshelves in the Library. Student/staff customers can’t go to the shelves to retrieve a book themselves. We’ll continue to operate the Click and Collect services and are looking at staffing levels for an in-Library book retrieval service. Find out more about the library.

Strathclyde Sport

Strathclyde Sport will be closed from 20 November 2020 until Friday 11 December 2020. Despite the facility being closed, we will continue to provide support and resources to Strathclyde Sport members allowing them to maintain a level of physical activity and wellbeing. Find out more information on Strathclyde Sport's webpages.

Returning home for Christmas

For students planning to return home for Christmas, please take a look at the latest Scottish Government guidance and advice. We will shortly be releasing details regarding our on-campus testing facility.

Student Residences

All Strathclyde student accommodation remains open and will continue to be supported by the Accommodation Team. Our residences have been reconfigured to provide appropriate social distancing and protective measures so that you can live safely in your home on campus.  To help us to maintain a safe community on campus, we ask that you follow the information provided on our Accommodation webpages.

Strathclyde Nursery

Our on-campus nursery remains open. Find out more about how the nursery is operating.

Eating on campus

The coffee cart in the Technology & Innovation Centre, the Aura Café in Lord Hope and the takeaway Starbucks in Todd’s in the Lord Todd building will remain open.

Eating off campus

Restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars will be closed. Takeaways can operate as normal with face coverings and physical distancing rules being followed.

Ross Priory

West Dunbartonshire, the local authority for Ross Priory, will also move into Level 4, which means the house will close from 6pm on Friday 20th November for three weeks, to reopen for business on Saturday 12th December. 

The golf course remains open (for annual green fees bag tag holders) as does boating, so please continue to use the online booking systems that are in place for each. Please look at the Ross Priory website for more information.


People living in Level 4 local authorities must not make non-essential journeys outside their own council area. However, there are a number of exceptions, and people can travel for essential purposes. This includes:

  • journeys to school, college or university are permitted where teaching is not provided remotely
  • travel for work, or to provide voluntary or charitable services, falls into this category but "only where that cannot be done from your home
  • travel for healthcare, social care, childcare and other essential services but only if they are not available in your local area

PGDE students

The rules allow student teachers to leave their local authority areas in Level 3 or 4 in order to travel to and from their work placements.

International travel

If you are planning to travel home over the Christmas break please check the travel requirements for your country and any transit stops at  Students should note that an NHS Covid test may not be accepted by other countries as proof of ‘fitness to travel’ and you may need to arrange a private test that meets your destination country’s requirements.

The full list of travel exceptions can be found on the Scottish Government's website that looks at guidance for travel and transport.


The current rules on gatherings remain in place under Level 4.

  • you cannot meet inside anyone else’s home - you must not enter any other flat on campus, other than the one you are living in
  • you must not attend or host a party in any household or venue, inside or outside
  • outdoor gatherings are limited to a maximum of six people from two households - your flat is your household
  • read more about socialising on the Scottish Government's website

Christmas - guidance for festive period

The Scottish Government has announced that it will temporarily relax some Covid-19 restrictions for five days over the Christmas period.

They have issued guidance on forming 'bubbles' over Christmas which includes this information for students.

Do students coming home count as different households?

Students who have returned home at the end of term form part of the household they have returned to.  All students are being offered testing before returning home. Guidance on students returning home.

I live in a shared flat, are we one household or can we go to different bubbles?

People (other than students) who live in a shared flat or house are considered a household and our strong advice is that households should not split up and enter separate bubbles over the festive period.  If you do join different bubbles you should isolate from your flatmates both before and after joining your bubble for around a week.