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Please note: Glasgow moved beyond Level 0 on 9 Aug 2021. Please ensure you read our Beyond level 0 web page. Information on this page will be up-to-date with the most recent developments.

The news that Scotland is to move beyond COVID protection Level Zero is a huge milestone for the whole country.  The confirmation given by the First Minister that August 9th will see the removal of many restrictions is the clearest sign yet that, thanks to the vaccination programme, the impact of COVID-19 is lessening significantly.

As the First Minister noted, this is clearly not the end of the pandemic and we have a collective responsibility to exercise care and caution to continue to suppress the virus.  Protection measures will still be required, including the wearing of face coverings in all the same indoor settings as is currently the case, unless you are exempt.  On physical distancing, even though the law will not require a specific distance, the Scottish Government continues to advise that, especially indoors, people should keep a reasonable distance from other people and avoid places that are crowded.

In keeping with this measured approach, the University's Executive Team has endorsed the recommendation of the e-First Group to continue with physical distancing across campus.  

  • In circulation spaces the current arrangements for 2M social distancing will remain and no adjustments will be made to the signage at entrances and in corridors across campus for the time being;
  • Activity Spaces such as teaching rooms, laboratories, offices, the library and catering outlets, will operate at 1M+; the plus being additional measures including wearing face coverings;
  • This approach reflects our commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of the Strathclyde community and is aligned with our Student Pledge.

These safety measures will help to reassure those who are anxious about returning to campus for study or work and also assist colleagues with planning their return where appropriate.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. The Scottish Government has confirmed that Scotland will move beyond level 0 on 9 August, however, this does not mean the end of the pandemic and we must all work together to exercise care and caution to continue to suppress the virus.

  • Circulation spaces

No adjustments will be made to the 2M social distancing signage currently in place at entrances and in corridors across campus. By circulation spaces, we mean entrances, exits, stairwells and corridors across campus. These spaces are clearly marked with signage to help you move around campus.

  • Activity spaces

Activity spaces include teaching rooms, laboratories, offices, the library and catering outlets. In these spaces, we are operating at 1M+ physical distancing.

Our activity spaces are clearly marked with signage to make sure you feel comfortable and understand how each space operates. Rooms are laid out in a way that supports this level of physical distancing.

As Scottish Government guidance is developed and published, exceptions to the above may be introduced. If this happens you will be notified in the regular communications and via the Hub. 

While social distancing will, from 9 August, no longer be a legal requirement, the pandemic is not over and it is in everyone’s interest to continue to exercise caution.

We believe it is important to encourage physical distancing as is happening across all areas of society.  Maintaining the 2M social distance signage across campus will remind everyone to keep their distance from others in circulation places.

In the case of teaching rooms and related activity operating on the basis of 1M+, this is in line with the approach being taken in the Scottish HE sector.  And as we are continuing to operate social distancing in these areas, it makes sense to do the same in office areas.

The plus symbol (+) refers to additional safeguarding measures that will be in place alongside social distancing, including wearing face coverings, washing your hands/using hand sanitisers frequently, and appropriate ventilation.

Students, staff and visitors are encouraged to use the stairs where possible. For those who require to travel by lift, please maintain physical distancing. Our lifts will be signposted to remind you to do this. You should wear a face covering in any lift.


As the First Minster noted in her announcement on 3 August, moving to beyond level zero on 9 August does not signal the end of the pandemic.  We have a collective responsibility to exercise care and caution to continue to suppress the virus.  Staff and visitors to campus are still legally required to wear face coverings in the indoor settings where you have previously been required to wear one unless you are exempt.

The University is a member of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower scheme. Students, colleagues and visitors who are exempt from wearing face coverings can wear a sunflower lanyard to indicate their exemption. Find out more on our Sunflower scheme web pages