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Staying safe on campus

Returning to campus

The University has taken action to ensure adequate risk assessments and control measures are implemented to minimise the transmission of coronavirus on campus and create a low risk environment wherever reasonably practicable for staff returning to working on campus.

Return to working on campus is by application and approval only while working from home remains the default position for those who can. Return to campus assurance arrangements are in place for building and people safety checks to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of the University community before return to working on campus.

Staff who have been authorised to return to working on campus in line with the Scottish Government’s Covid-19 route map, will be required to complete a Covid-19 Staff Return to Campus Agreement. The checklist includes completion of induction training and the strictly confidential Covid-19 Return to Campus Health Self Assessment and this will help your line manager determine the appropriate steps to take prior to your return to campus.

Staff will also be required to have read and understood the arrangements within the Covid-19 Staff Return to Campus Leaflet and relevant COVID-19 related risk assessments and new health and safety procedures in place to protect themselves and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

All staff are expected to adhere to NHS guidance for washing your hands regularly, catching a cough/sneeze in a tissue or your elbow, avoidance of touching your face and adherence to social distancing measures.

Central Pool Teaching rooms

Have a look at the new layouts of our Central Pool Teaching rooms.

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Return to Campus Learning & Teaching

Find information and forms related to the return to campus for learning and teaching.

Covid-19: Tracking Attendance

To keep track of who is in the room for face-to-face teaching events, we are using QR codes to monitor who is in attendance at all scheduled on campus teaching events.

Face coverings

All staff, students and visitors are strongly encouraged to use face coverings as a precaution to help protect each other, particularly where significant numbers of people are present.

Face covering exemptions

Strathclyde has joined the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower scheme and Strathclyde branded sunflower lanyards, badges or cards will be available for any staff, student or visitor who requires one. 

We're also participating in the Distance Aware Scheme, which has been designed to help those worried about mixing with others as we adapt to living with COVID-19. 

Further information on safe return to campus

Safe return to campus information, including approval process documents, can be found on our staff return to campus web pages. The pages include the following:

  • return to campus agreement
  • individual health risk assessment
  • return to campus leaflet
  • assurance checklist
  • risk assessment

Take a look at more of our safe return to campus information from our Safety, Health and Wellbeing team.

Recommended routes on campus

Our campus has a comprehensive security infrastructure and is monitored by 300 CCTV cameras, with our 24/7 team conducting proactive security patrols.

These recommended routes on campus have good existing street lighting and visibility, and they are well covered by our CCTV system. Avoid poorly-lit shortcuts, especially at night.