StaffFixed-term staff & workers

We understand that in this current period of uncertainty you may have concerns if your fixed term contract is due to end in the coming months.  If you have not recently discussed the position regarding the potential end of your contract with your line manager, then you should contact them as soon as possible to discuss this. As would normally be the case, some fixed term contracts will finish at their expected end date. Others will be extended and your line manager will be able to tell you what they can concerning what is currently anticipated in your case.  We appreciate how unsettling this is and our aim will be to gain as early a picture as possible for you and to continue to update you as your situation becomes clearer. The University‚Äôs budgetary planning process will continue and arrangements are in place to ensure the processing of contractual extensions and associated payroll changes for our staff.

Yes. If you have work that is already scheduled and that you have accepted and this is subsequently cancelled by the University you will receive payment for this work.