Learning & teaching 2021/22 - Support & Guidance

Learning & teaching: development & support

The Learning and Teaching Development team provide training and support for all aspects of learning and teaching, with a focus on blended and online delivery.

Wellbeing support

Sign up for our tailored programme of wellbeing support for staff involved in learning and teaching – a 10-week ‘Keeping well, Teaching well’ series.

This page provides the guidance and resources for staff undertaking teaching where the normal capacity of the campus to support teaching and learning is interrupted.

Academic continuity guidance

Academic Continuity Guidance to support online and blended delivery has been developed. It covers live teaching (Using Zoom with Myplace), online collaboration (Using Zoom outside of Myplace), pre-recorded teaching, assessment, resources and support contacts.

Hybrid teaching & learning guidance

Hybrid Teaching & Learning Guidance has been prepared to support staff in preparing for scenarios where students may be unable to participate in on-campus or synchronous online activities.

Blended learning guidance

Guidance for planning and delivering Blended Learning has been provided, overseen by the Education Strategy Committee, with input from the faculties.

Central pool teaching rooms 

Have a look at the new layouts of our Central Pool Teaching rooms. You'll need to log on using your DS username.

Covid-19 tracking attendance: guidance for staff 

To support efforts to minimise the risk of transmission of Covid-19 on campus, it is important that we keep track of who is in the room for face-to-face teaching events. As a result, we are using QR codes to monitor who is in attendance at all scheduled on-campus teaching.

Online study skills

A single point of information about the availability of online study skills training and support, in addition to what is offered by each faculty, school, or programme for their specific disciplines.

Recording Zoom sessions

Guidelines on the recording of Zoom teaching sessions.

Self-recorded video reusability guidance

This document provides guidance on producing video for teaching at home.

Student Engagement guidance

Our student engagement guidance assists with consideration of:

  • risk to individual student retention in an online class
  • risk of low engagement of an individual student in an online class

Transcription & captions

Take a look at our transcription and captions guidance.