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Update: 16 March 2020

Dear colleagues 

Over the last few days, Sandra Heidinger, our Chief People Officer, has written to you to confirm the immediate availability of more flexible working opportunities and the need to prepare for the possibility that you may be asked to work at home.   

Within the last few hours, the Prime Minister has advised that people should start working from home where they possibly can.   

This is part of a range of measures, which also include limiting unnecessary travel and all non-essential contact with others.  

Throughout the Covid-19 outbreak, the University has consistently followed government advice and we will continue to do so now. Your health and wellbeing are of utmost importance to us. 

Accordingly, we will now transition to more home and flexible working for the majority of our staff.  The planning for this is already well developed and will be finalised in the next few days as we seek to optimise the provision of our services and support for students who remain on campus, whilst ensuring the wellbeing of staff who will help us to maintain essential services. 

Further information on how this will apply within your individual areas will follow tomorrow. If you wish to travel by car rather than public transport tomorrow, the University car parks will be available free of charge. 

I recognise that this is a challenging and concerning time for everyone and I very much appreciate the professionalism and understanding which colleagues from across the University have shown as we all adapt to a rapidly changing situation.   

With best wishes,