CoronavirusStaff update: 30 July

Dear Colleagues,

This afternoon, the Scottish Government announced that the exit from lockdown will continue at a steady pace and that the significant progress that has been made over the last few weeks and months will be consolidated.

Confirmation that the schools will reopen in August and that several more elements of the Government’s route-map are expected to be delivered are important developments for our post-Covid recovery.  

Nonetheless, it is important that we all remain cautious and diligent in applying the recommended preventative measures we have become familiar with over the past few months. As you are aware, Strathclyde’s approach continues to focus on the health, safety and wellbeing of our students and staff, in line with Government advice.

In order to keep up to date with our planning and preparations to return to campus, please continue to check for updated information in the Return and Resume hub. The latest campus car parking information has been added, alongside additional Frequently Asked Questions and links to helpful information and guidance.

Through the work of our Return & Resume Delivery Group (RRDG), we have been able to highlight and address many of the questions that you, your teams and our students would like answered.

As we know, there are further operational and procedural areas and issues that require clarification as we progress towards the start of the next academic year. To help us gain a better understanding of these areas, and to ensure effective two-way communication, there is a new online form, which has been added to the Return and Resume hub.

Please use the form to submit your questions about any areas of uncertainty. Colleagues will respond as quickly as they can to your queries. Your input submitted in this way will also be used to inform the next stages of content development for the hub.

This week, I was pleased to review our new Campus Life 2020 video which has been created to reassure staff, students and their families that the Strathclyde community is working continuously on planning for a safe and positive return to campus. It is an effective way to demonstrate how we are focused on providing high quality education and a safe and excellent student experience, whether students are returning or are joining us for the first time this autumn.

Through RRDG we have established a Campus Life Group which is in the process of identifying other areas of University life that are new or different and that we can bring to life through video in advance of the start of the semester. The videos will be shared on our website, through our social media channels and directly with staff, applicants and returning students.

Good progress with the phased opening of campus continues. This week our Executive Team approved the reopening of the John Anderson Building which will see the resumption of Physics lab research.

John Anderson joins a growing list of buildings now open to support campus-based activity: Royal College; James Weir; Thomas Graham; TIC; SIPBS; AFRC; PNDC; and LWMC. Next week I will be hosting business colleagues on the campus to agree significant investments in our research and innovation activities related to Covid19; with the availability of TIC and SIPBS, they will see first-hand that Strathclyde’s staff and facilities stand ready to continue our contributions to the national efforts.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your support, commitment and your patience as we work together to adapt to the transition from lockdown. Over the past few months since the lockdown began, we have achieved a great deal for which our staff and students should be immensely proud. Enjoy your rest day and the weekend.

Best wishes,