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The University of Strathclyde is an internationally leading technological University that is committed to being socially progressive.

This year our plans for learning and teaching have been adapted to align with government guidance to keep our student and staff community safe.

During this period the majority of our teaching will be delivered through blended learning, in line with Scottish Government guidance.  Throughout the academic year, we will continue to maintain the highest academic standards, ensuring a high-quality learning and teaching experience for our students. Tuition fees will remain unchanged and further information regarding the University’s support measures is available.

The University recognises that some students are experiencing financial challenges as a result of COVID-19 and has established a dedicated COVID-19 Hardship Fund to support our student community.

The University has also established a COVID-19 Relief Scholarship for returning students, to address individual financial issues, including outstanding and ongoing tuition fee payments.  

Please contact 

Find out more general advice and guidance on student financial support here.

It is the intention that teaching in academic year 2021/22 will be delivered in a blended learning format, in line with Scottish Government Guidance. 

The University’s Executive Team will continue to have oversight for the mode of delivery for learning and teaching, and will take into consideration a range of factors – most importantly the health, safety and wellbeing of students and staff.

The blend of on-campus and online activities and content will continue to be fully supported with significant staff input and interaction and your programme will adhere to the same quality standards and expectations as before.

Both on-campus and online activities will be supported through Myplace – the University’s Online Learning Platform - and may make use of the Zoom web conferencing tool, where appropriate. Your lecturers will be in contact with you regularly through Myplace and email so please make sure that you regularly access the system to review notices and guidance. Coursework and assignments will also be submitted through Myplace, unless otherwise indicated by your Department/School.

Departments and Schools are currently planning for on-campus learning activities across all degree programmes. Your Department or School will contact you directly to explain the plans for your programme.

Blended learning is when teaching is delivered through a mix of face-to-face classes, lectures, seminars and/or labs, but also includes online delivery of a proportion of the teaching and learning activities. The exact mix will depend on the programme you are studying on.

Your Department/School or Faculty Office will stay in contact with you and will keep you informed. You should also check MyPlace, and email for updates.

The University Library is currently open for individual study. There are over 500 study spaces currently available within the Library building (this will increase by the end of the summer 2021), which adhere to the 1M physical distancing restrictions. Hand sanitisers and wipes are available at all study stations and staff will be monitoring the environment to ensure it remains safe for all. Note that group study cannot currently be carried out in the Library but this may be subject to change later in the year.

Note that free wifi is provided in the Library, public areas of the campus, teaching rooms and residences. In addition, software can be used via “Virtual Desktop”. Virtual Desktop can be accessed from older devices and less powerful devices such as Chrome Books, giving students access to more powerful resources.

Generally, you will not have to purchase any software for your time you are at Strathclyde.  All the software you require will be available either free or via the University.

The University has arranged access to Microsoft Office software free of charge for all students. Please DO NOT take out a separate subscription to Microsoft Office.

We have also arranged free access to lots of other software that you may need during your studies – available through Pegasus. Find out full details on the MS Office suite, other discipline-specific software and hardware recommendations.

The vast majority of this software will also be available via our Virtual Desktop.  This emulates a University PC and can be accessed via a browser.  Full details are available at our Virtual Desktop page.

If you wish to purchase a laptop for your studies recommendations on the specification are available. However, please remember our virtual desktop will allow you to access the equivalent of a University PC via a browser on most devices.

Student PCs and printing are also available, giving access to the University’s recommended software. They are located in the Library and at PC labs across campus. There is free wifi available in the library, public areas, all teaching rooms and in the residences.

For all help with IT contact Information Services. Their website contains information on the services available. Your first port of call for assistance will normally be their Enquiries Desk based in the Library. They can also be contacted at:


Telephone: 0141 548 4444 (available 24 x 7 x 365)

Support portal:

The Library publishes a list of opening hours throughout the year, including when staff support is available.

The University fully appreciates that the ongoing situation may cause continuing concerns, and that these may be heightened for students with underlying health conditions and for students who have caring responsibilities for individuals with underlying health conditions.

Throughout the pandemic, the University has taken a supportive and flexible approach in managing situations where students are finding it challenging to engage with their studies due to underlying health concerns and specific personal circumstances; this will continue throughout this academic year, 2021/22.

It is important that you ensure that the University has as up-to-date information as possible to support you if you are in this situation. Please update your Department/School if you are struggling to engage with activities or assessments during the semester. The Personal Circumstances procedure provides support for students who are experiencing particular challenges relating to the pandemic which may impact your ability to engage in on-campus learning activities.

Please note that all our student health, wellbeing and support services continue to be accessible through online facilities. If you have any concerns, you are encouraged to contact Disability and Wellbeing Service on 0141 548 3402 or email

Under these circumstances, the University will endeavour to provide an alternative way to follow your missed classes - a "hybrid learning" option. To request this, you should make this request formally to the Department or School that runs your programme, by following the Personal Circumstances Procedure.

Under these circumstances, the University will endeavour to provide an alternative way to follow your missed classes - a "hybrid learning" option. To request this, you should make this request formally to the Department or School that runs your programme, by following the Personal Circumstances Procedure.

This year, our plans for learning and teaching align with Scottish Government guidance to keep our student and staff community safe.

This means that teaching is being delivered using a blend of on-campus and online methods, in line with Scottish Government guidance for universities. Read the Scottish Government guidance here.

Departments and Schools have reviewed modules and the opportunities for on-campus learning activities across all degree programmes. Where campus-based learning is provided, this has been arranged to ensure that the 1M social distancing guidelines as set out by the Scottish Government are adhered to. Risk assessments have been undertaken for all campus-based learning activities.

If you have particular concerns regarding your safety or are experiencing anxiety in relation to the return to campus, and your Department or School has indicated the intention to resume on-campus activities, please contact your programme leader to discuss your individual circumstances. They will be able to discuss your options in the context of your needs and the requirements of the programme.

If you have more wider anxieties around on-campus learning, you are encouraged to contact Disability and Wellbeing Service on 0141 548 3402 or email

We recognise that for some of you this will be the first time you will experience blended learning. Please be reassured that there are staff available to provide support and guidance on accessing any new systems for web-based conferencing (such as Zoom or MS Teams). Technical guidance to support you through this period is available online. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please contact the IT helpdesk at: or telephone 0141 548 4444. For all queries relating to teaching and learning materials and activities within Myplace, please contact your lecturer/tutor as normal. 

Professional accreditation bodies are in contact with your Department/School leaders to provide national level advice on potential measures being taken in the event of disruption to study/assessment. If you have any specific queries, please contact your Department/School.

In the first instance, please make contact with your Programme Leader. All organisations are required to undertake risk assessments and prepare their workplaces to be Covid-safe environments. Your Programme Leader will have details of the arrangements that are in place within your placement organisation.

If you are experiencing particular anxiety concerning attending a placement, you are encouraged to contact our Disability and Wellbeing Service on 0141 548 3402 or email

On-campus teaching

If you are displaying COVID-19 symptoms, please do not enter the building. 

  • If you are able, you must wear a covering while moving around indoor and in all classroom settings on campus with the exception of those who are exempt from wearing face coverings and teaching settings where PPE is to be worn. Please see FAQ 'Am I required to wear a face covering in class?' for further guidance
  • Follow the access and egress routes indicated in the building.
  • Adhere to the signage, queue, and lane markings in place in foyers/entrances.
  • Always observe 2m physical distancing, including on entry and exit to the building and in common areas, stairwells, corridors, and walkways.
  • On entering a teaching room, adhere to any instructions on movement within the room and maintain 2m distancing.
  • Use the stairs where possible and avoid using the lifts.
  • Lifts should only be used by one person at a time, unless otherwise indicated by signage, with preference given to those physically unable to use stairs. Floor markings will be used to ensure physical distancing for those queuing to use the lifts.
  • After pressing lift buttons, hands should be cleaned, or a suitable implement or elbow can be used to press the button.

All rooms have been configured for maximum capacity within Scottish Government guidelines.  This includes a minimum of 2m distancing and a maximum room capacity of 50.  Processes around the use of rooms have been designed to minimise risk and keep our learning community safe.

The University is using the ULab system to record attendance in teaching rooms for contact tracing and to help manage room usage. If we are notified of a positive case, this information will be used to track and inform all relevant people appropriately.

Take a look at our ULab QR codes instructions for students.

You are also encouraged to use the Protect Scotland NHS tracking app.

Cleaning stations will be provided in all teaching rooms.  This will allow you to wipe surfaces as required.  They will have some spray disinfectant, surface sanitising wipes, a disposable roll in a dispenser and signage/instructions on how to use safely.  Spray should not be used on keyboards or touch screens.  Please dispose of used cleaning materials appropriately.

This provision is in addition to the standard sanitisation undertaken by the University’s cleaning team each day.

Hand sanitiser stations are available at building entry points, at lift call points and other points within the buildings.  These should be used as required. 

You may find it useful to carry your own hand sanitiser for your convenience.

We expect everyone to contribute to staying safe on campus and behave in a responsible manner while on campus.  You are encouraged to make use of cleaning equipment as appropriate during campus activities.

Any specialist equipment which is essential for the class activity will operate with a clean-use-clean policy.  Please make sure that you dispose of any used cleaning materials appropriately.

Staff have arranged a 30 minutes gap between each teaching event to allow everyone to safely move between sessions.  Please make sure that you leave each room promptly and do not arrive at a new room any earlier than 15 minutes before your class starts, to help avoid congestion in common areas of the building. 

If the teaching room is empty, please enter immediately.  If waiting anywhere in the building, please observe physical distancing at all times.

Face coverings are required when on campus inside buildings, including classroom settings, with the exception of those who are exempt from wearing them, and teaching settings where PPE is to be worn.

When entering your teaching room, you should sit in the empty seat furthest from the entrance first so that the last students into the room are able to sit in the seats nearest to the entrance.  Do not leave any viable seat gaps.  You may wish to collect cleaning materials from the cleaning station prior to taking your seat.

The general principle is to avoid having to walk past someone who is already seated to find a free seat.  To achieve this, you should not wait for friends at the door or in the room but should enter the room and move to the next available seat as soon after you arrive.

In fixed-seat lecture theatres, the seats available to sit in are identified with a green tick.

When exiting the room, please follow a reverse process to entry - last in, first out.  The students nearest the door should leave first.  Everyone else should leave in order of proximity to the exit door with the students furthest away from the exit leaving last.  Please leave the room promptly.

Due to the process for entering teaching rooms safely, available seats will be those nearest the entrance.  Please follow the process for FAQ “How do I enter and exit my teaching room safely and where do I sit?”

No. Teaching room furniture has been arranged to comply with 2m physical distancing in accordance with Scottish Government guidelines.  Under no circumstances should furniture be moved, even if you live in the same flat.

Yes. Some teaching rooms have been configured to facilitate seated group working activities for small groups, whilst maintaining 2m physical distancing. Please maintain 2m physical distancing in campus work areas even if you live in the same flat. 

Zoom is available for you to meet with your team online and this is the safest way to complete your group work. We encourage you to meet online whenever possible. 

If you are working with team members you should use Zoom to share your screen. Using Zoom will also allow your distributed team to work together if people are both off and on campus at the time of the meeting.

You should exit the room maintaining 2m distancing wherever possible, whilst wearing a face covering if able to do so.  This may require you to ask other students to move to allow you to safely pass.  Please follow the same process on returning to class.

Normal fire evacuation procedures will apply.  Do not adhere to the 2 metre physical distancing during a fire evacuation.  On hearing the fire alarm, building occupants must:

  • Leave the building immediately by the nearest available fire exit;
  • Follow the green fire exit signs;
  • Do not use a lift to evacuate the building, unless this has been identified in a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan;
  • Upon exiting the building, make their way to the fire assembly point, where physical distancing must be adhered to.

If you will not be speaking then you can engage in your online classes in any of the individual work areas on campus, as long as you are using headphones.

However, if you will be speaking please use the computer labs or levels 2 and 3 in the library for this activity, as the noise will not disturb other students in the same way as the other study spaces on campus. Remember to bring your headphones with you and always use them, and remember that face coverings must be worn at all times in the Library.

Please have a look at the Library's webpages to keep up to date with how the library is operating.