CoronavirusStudent update: 20 January 2021

Dear Strathclyde student,

I hope this email finds you well.                                                          

Earlier this week, the First Minister announced that the temporary lockdown will continue until at least the middle of February 2021.  It seems that we will be facing restrictions for at least a few more weeks yet, with potential extension subject to government review.  However, it is clear that the measures are having an impact on the infection rate which is very welcome news.

The statement follows the Scottish Government’s recent announcement on international travel and quarantine and also the publication of renewed guidance for the university and college sector.

This latest publication provides further detail on the current period of lockdown restrictions and how these apply to universities. You can read about how Strathclyde has adapted to the temporary lockdown on our COVID-19 Protection Level 4 webpage.

For the vast majority of students, there are no changes to the learning and teaching plans already communicated; learning and teaching will be online throughout January and February.  Please continue to check Myplace for updates.

For a small number of students, in person teaching will continue for programmes where attendance is critical and time-sensitive. Your Department or School will already have contacted you to outline the details of this, if this applies to you.

Please be assured that Departments and Schools, with staff and students returning for restricted face-to-face teaching, have reviewed their risk assessments in line with the revised guidance.

For students who are attending face-to-face teaching events, please remember that we are using QR codes to monitor who attends all scheduled on-campus teaching.  Please familiarise yourself with our ULab QR codes instructions for students.

Students are advised not to return to term-time accommodation until face-to-face teaching begins. Any plans for the resumption of on-campus learning and teaching will be shared in advance, enabling you to plan your return in a safe way.  Please ensure you book two asymptotic tests prior to attending classes. You can book your tests at the  University’s COVID-19 Test Centre.  

We rely on everyone continuing to follow the FACTS guidance to stop transmission of the virus when on campus and would ask you to strictly follow these steps at all times.  Watch the video here   

It is understood that there will be circumstances in which you need to return to the University and there are exceptions within the ‘Stay at home’ guidance from the Scottish Government: you can read about the exceptions here.  If you are worried about your own circumstances or you need access to resources or materials related to your studies, please contact your Department or School in the first instance to discuss your situation and your studies.  Students should not return on a temporary basis to collect belongings, please discuss your requirements with your Department or School.

Students who are on the shielding list are also advised not to attend university in person.  If this applies to you and you are sharing term-time accommodation with others, you should also discuss any concerns with us, please contact us on  We are here to help. 

I know that lockdown and all its many restrictions can have a negative impact on our health and wellbeing and it is increasingly important that we try to take care of ourselves.

Physical exercise, keeping in touch with friends and making use of online support and resources can make staying at home easier.  You can find wellbeing advice and support on our website or get in touch with us if you have any concerns or worries.

Finally, if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, if you have received a positive test or if you need to self-isolate, please remember to let the University know using our COVID-19 online form.

Please take care and stay safe.  Remember that you can keep up to date with new information, including updated FAQs, by checking our COVID-19 Student Information webpages.

Best wishes,


Professor Sir Jim McDonald

Principal and Vice Chancellor