CoronavirusStudent update: 20 March

Dear Strathclyde students,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your cooperation, support, patience and dedication during a week unlike any other we have experienced. 

These are extraordinary times for our University community. Be assured that I and all my Executive Team colleagues are incredibly grateful to all of you for your response in dealing with this unprecedented situation.

Your safety, health and wellbeing – and that of your loved ones - is at the heart of every decision we make, not least this week when regular externally driven impacts have touched almost every aspect of what we do and how we operate in our University. The University will continue to do everything we can to support you as the entire community adapts to this new way of working.

Significant action has been taken and measures introduced by the University throughout the last week. I trust you are logging in online regularly, are reading all of the update messages and are referring to the FAQs for advice and guidance. Our FAQs will continue to be updated throughout the period ahead and as the COVID-19 situation evolves we will continue to share with you the steps being taking to support our student community. Please take time to familiarise yourself with the advice and guidance available on the University website and take good care of yourself.

We have focussed first and foremost on your wellbeing, ensuring that decisions have been taken to keep you safe. Our student services have been reconfigured to support you. The University moved to online teaching at the start of the week to limit contact between groups.

I have been both pleased and impressed at the effectiveness of the transition, which was only made possible by a hugely collaborative approach between our academics, support staff and students.

More than 400 online teaching sessions have been scheduled on our new video conferencing service, Zoom, linked in with wider learning and teaching activities within Myplace.

We have also helped students in University accommodation to return home if they wished, and have continued to support those who have chosen to remain on campus. We have made changes to our catering, our security and our IT provision to support you.

Huge efforts were made to achieve all this, but it is a sign of our commitment to you that Strathclyde staff achieved such a significant change in such a short space of time. We remain committed to continuing to deliver the best possible student experience for your learning, teaching and assessment during the coming period.

Strathclyde is a community of exceptional people. Your calm response and support for one another has been incredibly encouraging. I have never been more proud to be your Principal and to be a ‘Strathclyder’.

Best wishes,