CoronavirusStudent update: wellbeing contact registration

Dear students,

The University of Strathclyde is committed to ensuring your health, safety and wellbeing.

As part of our commitment to supporting student mental health and wellbeing, we are asking all students, when registering, to provide additional details of a trusted individual to be their ‘wellbeing contact’.

Providing us with this information will enable the University to contact this trusted individual if we have serious concerns about your wellbeing and will help us to better support you.

Decisions to get in touch with a wellbeing contact will be made on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration all available information about a student’s situation.

The University recognises that our students are independent adults and respects your right to confidentiality. If we intend to alert your wellbeing contact, we will endeavour to tell you first, unless you are unable to provide informed consent, or it is not possible for us to do so, or if doing so would cause unreasonable delay.

The Emergency and Wellbeing Contact Procedure and Guidance explains the situations when we would get in contact, and how this information is stored.

You can change who your ‘wellbeing contact’ is on PEGASUS at any time.

If you have not already done so, we strongly encourage you to provide details of your ‘wellbeing contact’ on PEGASUS.

Finally, please remember we are here to support you during your time at Strathclyde. You can find details of our Wellbeing and Mental Health support services on our website, as well as details of how to get in touch.

Best wishes,

Gill Watt,
Director of Student Experience