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PG CertEducational Issues, Impact & Immersion

Why this course?

The Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Issues, Impact & Immersion will provide focused, research informed professional learning for international teachers.

This programme will develop the professional learning of participants in relation to the pedagogical, empirical, critical and contextual dimensions of the teaching experience. The course will reflect the educational priorities of the present and the future with the aim of enhancing the complex developmental process of teachers' professional learning.

Teachers who complete the PG Cert will emerge with a value system, secure and contextualised professional knowledge, and understanding and skills that meet the needs and aspirations of children and young people.

What you’ll study

Participants will cover:

  • Professional Specialisation ELT (PS-Int)
  • Educational Policy & Perspectives (EPP-Int)
  • Principles & Policy in Practice (PPP-Int)
  • Professional Placement (PP)

These modules provide students with opportunities to develop their understanding of educational issues in a broader intellectual context. The intention is to develop their capability for critical and informed professional engagement.

Students will experience the curriculum as woven and cumulative, with learning in the four modules planned in such a way as to incorporate theory and policy (EPP-Int), practical wisdom (PS-Int), knowledge for practice (PPP-Int), and the development of contextualised research and/or evidence informed understanding of practice (PP).

Work placement

Participants will spend time at local schools where they will complete their Professional Placement module.


The teaching will be delivered within a carefully structured course which provides opportunities for flexible and personalised learning (where appropriate), and also ensures a comprehensive range of IT support and facilities.

PG Cert students make full use of Strathclyde's Virtual Learning Environment, Myplace, and the extended variety of resources available through that medium.

Guest lectures

Participants will be invited to attend guest lectures.

Course content

Phase 1: Induction

Phase 2: Professional Specialisation ELT (PS)

Phase 3: Educational Policy & Perspectives (EPP) Principles and Policy in Practice (PPP)

Phase 4: Professional Placement (PL)

Learning & teaching

Participants will to attend lectures and classes at Strathclyde.

Out-with these times, the students will engage with on-line learning resources through Myplace, which will have a dedicated page for each of the Post Graduate Certificate in Educational Issues, Impact and Immersion classes.

A variety of learning and teaching approaches will be used including lectures, group work, seminars, self and peer assessment, and independent, collaborative, directed and online study.

Students will engage in independent reading, research, and study, paired activities, and in group tasks and collaborative working.

Student-led activities will also feature as part of the seminar experience.


Continuous assessment throughout the course.

Entry requirements

Fees & funding

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Please note

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Educational Issues, Impact and Immersion - February

Qualification: PG Certificate, Start date: Feb 2020, Mode of delivery: attendance, full-time

Educational Issues, Impact and Immersion - February

Qualification: PG Certificate, Start date: Feb 2021, Mode of delivery: attendance, full-time

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