MSc Global Innovation ManagementVed Gawande

Coming to study at Strathclyde was not that a hard choice for me looking at the exceptional environment which the Department of Design, Manufacturing & Engineering Management has created helping the students prosper in the field of their choice on the back of their excellent real-world relevant and application-based degree programs.

On top of that a course like MSc Global Innovation Management, which gives you such diverse exposure in terms of depth and breadth of education along with a chance to develop a practical perspective towards the corporate world definitely helps you carve out an interesting career path for yourself.

During these testing times of the COVID 19 pandemic, the rate at which teaching and non-teaching staff of the University of Strathclyde adapted to the changing conditions is astonishing.

I feel, barring a few initial lectures, all the other sessions were smooth and very interactive making the transition from classroom teaching to virtual teaching very easy for students.

A big shoutout to the IT and Libraries Helpdesk of Strathclyde who were always prompt in solving the queries related to books or software needed for exams and assignments despite the challenging working conditions.