Mara Torres, Human Resource Management (MSC) student

Mara Torres


Italian postgraduate student Mara is studying an MSc in Human Resource Management. Before coming to Strathclyde, Mara had visited Scotland and pledged to come back to study. She is a big fan of the Glasgow music scene!

Why did you choose to study at Strathclyde?

Mostly for the good reputation of Strathclyde. I know many people that studied/are studying here and advised me to choose this University.

Had you been to Scotland before? What were your thoughts of the country ahead of coming here?

I’d been on holiday to Edinburgh and Glasgow before moving here. I really liked both the cities but I loved Glasgow the most.

When I went back home to Italy I promised to myself I would move to Glasgow and do a Masters at Strathclyde. And here I am!

What are the differences between studying at home and in Scotland?

University in Italy is very different from here. For example, in Scotland there are mostly written essays and exams, while in Italy there are predominantly oral exams. Here there are many group projects that give you the possibility to share opinions and points of view with your classmates, in Italy there are mostly individual exams.

What do you enjoy about living in Glasgow?

As a music lover, I really like the music scene here in Glasgow. There are so many fantastic places to go to and enjoy a great concert.

How welcoming do you find Strathclyde/Glasgow?

Strathclyde is extremely welcoming. The induction days make you feel at home from the very beginning of your course.

Moreover, the Glaswegians are so friendly that in a short space of time you can consider Glasgow your second home.

What advice would you give to an international student thinking of coming to Strathclyde?

I would say to them to stop thinking about it and just come here! You’ll have the possibility to meet many other international students, you’ll have a great education and you’ll always find someone that will advise and help you if you have any problems with your course.

What's the best thing about studying at Strathclyde?

The best thing is the quality of the courses. Great teachers, good programmes and the right mix of theoretical and practical classes.