Robin Dunlop gazing over the Glasgow skyline from the University

Name: Robin Dunlop
Course: MSc Information & Library Studies

Robin is coming to Strathclyde to study for the MSc Information & Library Studies. Originally from Largs, he now lives in Glasgow where he's been working for the past few years in the area of communications. Robin is an alumnus of the University of Strathclyde having previously gained a BA (Hons) Politics.  He also has an MSc in Political Communication from the University of Glasgow.´╗┐

Time for a change of career

While Robin thoroughly enjoyed the talking shop of politics on both his previous courses he's now happy to keep politics as his hobby. He felt that his skills and academic background would be more suited to the area of Information & Library Studies.

I’m very into historical and research analysis. Having done the research into the course it made me see that there’s a multitude of avenues you could go down in your future career. I’ve been working in communications the past few years and I felt those skilled combined, with my love of history, makes this course perfect for me.

What made Robin pick Strathclyde, and this course in particular, was the vocational nature of the course. The work placements offered on the course means that Robin will start working straight away in the industry.

Informative & helpful webinars

To help him find out more about the course Robin took part in webinars held by the department.

Through these webinars I’ve been able to talk to current students and academics on the course to find out what the course is like. There was a question and answer session which was great as the current students were able to tell me all about the work placements which is what really interested me.

The webinars gave Robin the chance to speak to other prospective students so could get to know his classmates before the course started. He said he found them a quick and easy way to find out more information.

Everyone was very friendly and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone.

Starting work

Robin is definitely looking forward to starting his work placement. In a unique partnership with Europe’s largest cultural and leisure trust, students get to spend half-a-day-a-week working in some of Scotland’s largest and busiest libraries, including Glasgow's Mitchell Library and the Library at GoMA.

I’m really looking forward to getting straight into the working environment. The university is opening doors for you to get working in the industry immediately.

Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow (GOMA)

´╗┐Life as a mature student

Robin is not nervous about student life as he's been through it. He's happy to be studying again as he knows what to expect and what's required of him.

I'm very focused on the course this time and just want to get stuck in. I'm interested in meeting like-minded mature students.

Career aspirations

Robin's focus is on working in the industry of information management & library studies which offers many different career paths.

His ideal role would be going down some kind of historical, arts and culture or museum route. Working in the GOMA would be his ideal place of work.