Adam Shinewi

Web Developer, UTEC StarNet

Adam graduated in 2013 and is currently working for UTEC StarNet as a Web Developer. Here's what he said about the course:

My undergraduate qualification is a BSc in Control and Systems Engineering. I also had 8 years’ experience in the bio-medical industry and 2 years in the web development industry. I chose the course because it offers everything I required to get a better understanding of Information Management.

I am currently working as a web developer in the oil and gas industry and use a lot of what I learned in the course.

  • Database and web systems development - I am currently using everything I have learned in the module from SQL, PHP, and database design both Oracle and phpMyadmin
  • Information revival and access - I use the techniques I learned in the course to code queries designed to retrieve specific types of information or data
  • Information system architecture - before building any application I design the process and define the weakness and strength of this application and whether it can be designed in a way to support future development or not based on the business requirement
  • Business analytics - based on the results of the data and information I am retrieving, I am able to analyse the business and if it is heading toward the business goals and how to maximize the profit with lowest costs
  • Information Law - I always use what I have learned from this module to make sure I avoid any violation of copy right or intellectual property. I also consider the use of information law to protect the applications I am coding and properly address all the rights of the application (author, owner, etc)

The course helped me in a career change from pure engineering to information specialist. Because of the course impact on my career I am always recommending the course.